I need too know the truth(I need the Bobcat boys here)

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Boss Exc., Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Boss Exc.

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    I was at Cat today and I was talking to a sales man and he was showing me how Cat only has ONE belt on the whole motor and that's the alternator belt.He then proceeded to tell me that on the Bobcat's the serpentine belt will have to be replaced at some point in the life of the machine at a cost of $1000.00 dollars......WHAT!

    Can someone tell me if that is true.....$1000.00 dollars for a belt?That has too include labor but still $1000.00.
  2. turboawd

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    the way bobcat has the motor lined up on the machine, they cant mount the pumps to the engine. hence the use of a belt. not really a bad design.
    i'd say it's better than using chains or gears.
    the belt usually lasts for a long time. not sure about price though.
  3. Fieldman12

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    Well, I know Deere's just have one belt from what I can remember about mine.
  4. perkhound

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    i have had several bobcats with well over 1000 hrs a have never had to replace the belt on any of them
  5. Scag48

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    I never thought running a serpentine system was that great of an idea aside from the fact that the motor and all it's counterparts are essentially one big piece. And yes, it is a PITA from what I've heard to replace those belts. I think $1,000 is a little high, but I'd say it would be around $500 or so. To be fair, the alternator belt on Cat's machines have to be replaced at some point as well, but I know for a fact it's much easier to do.
  6. Stillwater

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    speaking of cat I just learned 2 days ago the vast majority of their production, is bought by china and exported. very little stays in America.
  7. xcopterdoc

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    The belt is 60 some bucks from the dealer and takes about 30 minutes( if that) to replace. There are 3 belts on most bobcats, alt, cooling fan and hydro belt.
  8. accurate machinery

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    Bobcat has been using the belt to drive the pumps ever since they started transverse mounting the engine. I think the design started with the 753 in the late 80's. The fact is with the transverse mounted engine, service is a breeze! Have you looked at the location of the filters, alternator, starter, injectors, valve cover, battery and that is just with opening the back door! With removing 2 nuts you can pop the canopy up and have access to everything else. I am not saying that everything is easy to get to, I know I have had to stand on my head a few times to access some things but you won't find an easier engine to service, all because of the use of the replaceable belt to drive the pumps.
    Other manufacturers use U-joints or some other form of flex coupling between the engine and the pumps. This is usually an area of repair eventually as well, might require removal of the pumps or the engine to access it. I wish more manufacturers would transverse mount their engines, I am not a Bobcat fan but that is one nice design. My opinion is I would rather run a Cat but I would rather service a Bobcat.

  9. Boss Exc.

    Boss Exc. LawnSite Member
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    Guys I really appreciate all the replys,Thank you very much.
  10. cat2

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    :laugh: Yea that is a bunch of crap $1,000 for a belt :dizzy: darn cat dealer

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