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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GrazerZ, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. GrazerZ

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    Hello guys,
    We just recieved an invitation to bid on a large landscape installation. I need some help with pricing out various apects please. First We are asked to provide and spread loam to a finish compacted depth of 6". Without your cost of materials, what would you estimate per acre to spread the loam to that depth? I am figuring in about an 18% compaction factor. (a little over 7")

    Also the job calls for about $8000 in plant materials at my cost. What is your typical markup on plant materials?

    I know its alot to ask, but please respond...:blob3:
  2. PAPS

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    I don't know if i am understanding you correctly, but i think you are saying that you will have to spread about 7'' of topsoil over an acre of property? Well if thats the case, i cannot see wasting all that money on loads upon loads of topsoil unless the specs. absolutely call for topsoil. if thats the case you are going to need roughly about (825 yards) of topsoil to complete that acre at 7'' of coverage.

    (825 yards) topsoil installed/graded/raked etc. = ~$45,500.00

    - personally would install approx. (700) yards of clean fill, compact then install approx. (275) yards of topsoil to finish.

    As for the plant materials, I would probably mark up about 2-2.5x on that with a (1) yr guarantee. My mark up would vary depending on the particular plant, and its hardiness.

    Hope that helps -
  3. GrazerZ

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    $45,000.00 per acre...are you sure you don't mean $4500.00 per acre? and yes the specs call for no less than 6" of loam after compaction. Its over kill major. But then again the specs were written up by an architect who is a landscape design wana be. So I'll have to price according to his whems. The plants spected in are bigger than necessary also, which inceases the install price subsantially. Anyone else out there???
  4. 65hoss

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    I think he definately means $45,000.

    $4500/825 = $5.45 per yard of material. Doubt you could get it that cheap and move it.

    Materials alone will cost you. At $15 per yard would be $12,375.
  5. PAPS

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    First off $4500.00, I do residential lawns that cost more than that.... your talking about (1) acre here...
    Secondly, now that you confirmed that the specs. do call for 7'' of topsoil over an acre.... thats about 825 yards of topsoil!!!! Like I said.... $45,000 is my number, give or take depending on my supplier, and if he wants to come down on his price based on the fact that I'd purchase that amount of quantity. unless your getting the materials for free or like $5.00 , your number got to be up in that range.

    Depending on site access, at 825 yards of soil, I'd have a D5 or 8 dozer in there, (1) 416 class CAT back-hoe and probably (1) 873 class skidsteer cleaning up. Figure on 2-3 days top grade and complete.
  6. Henry

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    Have you ever had to spread soil at that depth before? I think it will be a huge mess.
  7. GrazerZ

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    I see where you are coming from now, sorry. But I was asking for a figure without the cost of the loam. Evedentlly the loam will be supplied from on site after it has been screened. I know what your thinking, that the site won't produce that amount of loam. The truth is that I know that 6" of loam is major overkill but its speced out in the plans. I needed pricing for a jolt of reality for my customer so that he can go to the stupid architect and tell him hes nuts. I needed you guys becuase,while I'm capable, I don't normally do such site work. So I don't know how much I should expect to charge for just the labor without the cost of the loam. I hope I've explained myself better.
  8. PAPS

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    You should have told us to start that you weren't purchasing the soil, how could you leave that out? Again, on a job moving that much soil, you are going to need a few large peices of equip. A larger dozer, a backhoe, small skidsteer, and a roller. Might want to consider sub-ing the job out if you don't have any larger pieces of equipt.
  9. paul

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    I think this thread might help some http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34058

    875 cu yds really isn't that much, I start to get excited when you start talking 40,000 cu yds and up. now on a one acre lot which isn't that bigI might bring in 2 skid steers since it's going to be screened topsoil, my other question is why screened topsoil? If you run over it you'll just compact it leaving you with hard dirt again and if you just dump it and hand rake it out you'll have a sloppy mess when you seed it (try walking on water it's easier).

    The question I have is how much time so you have in grading and putting down that much dirt??

    Skill plays an important factor here because it effects how much time you'll spend on spreading and grading the dirt. A good skid steer operator might be able to do the work with a large skid steer in one day IF the dirt is trucked to him, and that dependes on the size of the screeder and the quailty of the dirt in the pile. Now if you attack this job with a smaller skid steer it will take much longer, or if you don't have the skilled operators.

    If your dirt is wet when it's run thru the screeder it might just give you junk making your job that much harder.

    Now you want MY price to do the job????
    I would bring in rough black dirt by truck and have a large skid steer spread the dirt, depending on how far away the dirt stock pile is 2 to 4 semi's should be able to deliver the dirt in one day altho it might be a long one. figure it will take you 3 days ot rough it in and the fourth day to finish it with a harley rake on the skid steer. I am figuring that you might not have acces to a large skid steer or your not the best at operating it. I hate to gve numbers on something like this but $3500 to $4000 should put you in the ball park.
  10. Mow&Snow

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    I put in an acre of lawn last month where I wasn't supplying the material. My job was to spread the screened loam, and finish rake, and roll. I was only adding a few inches tho, not a cazy amount like 6 inches. We used about 225 yards, it took me and one laborer 10 hours to do it, using a Kubota 3010 tractor. I charges them 4500 for this. I would 1500-2000k just for all the extra material you will be moving.

    I think 6000-6500 would be real fair for that job.

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