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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tim Wright, Feb 1, 2006.

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    This year I am making business changes. I need your input.

    First, here in the mid atlantic region, do you base your seasonal contracts on 26 weeks, or 28 weeks, or another number?

    Secondly, below is an excerpt of a newsletter that I am putting out to my current customer base (mowing).

    What do you think? What should I change? etc.

    Up until this point on mowed only when grass "was getting to need it."

    Thank you,


    A Change That Will Affect You Directly

    For the summer of 2005, the rise in gas prices affected all of us. I purposely DID NOT raise my prices, knowing that everyone else was. I wanted to save you money. This year, Lawn Care Plus, LLC, will raise the price per cut, just enough to pay for the gas price increases.

    Mowing For Healthier Lawns

    Some of the changes taking place with Lawn Care Plus has to do with HOW and WHEN we cut grass. As the principle employee of the company, I am doing all I can do to become more educated in this line of work. Having said that, all sources agree that it is much healthier for a lawn to be cut regular, consistent schedule, rather than only when “it appears” to be need of cutting. Therefore, we are adopting a new cutting schedule, otherwise known as a maintenance schedule.

    This change will benefit you in producing a healthier, thicker, greener lawn, and benefit us by simplifying the schedule of when work will be done. It will also eliminate the over-cutting which results in grass lying around after the cut, and helps keep the grass strong during dry spells.

    To make this transition easier for you, we are offering a couple of different payment plans. Each plan will be based on the average of 26 cuttings per summer, or another way of saying it is, one cut per week. You can also include in the payment plan, other services that we offer if you like. 1. The first plan will be to continue to pay on a weekly basis, invoiced to you weekly. Simply send the payment through the mail, or drop if off. 2. The second payment option will be to be pay monthly for the duration of the cutting season, and 3) to have a payment plan spread out over the entire year, averaging the season out and billing accordingly. With the second and third option, the average at the end of the season will reflect any miscalculations in the final service schedule and the payments and billing will be adjusted accordingly, to insure that you are not over-charged, and we are not under-paid. We are offering one last option for you. It’s the seasonal cut and payment. Pay for a 26 week season up front, with a discount. If we cut past the contract date, those cuts will be billed individually at the discounted rate.

    Along with these changes, we are also required by the State of West Virginia to collect sales tax on our services and products sold and rendered.
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    only change i might make would be to put the sales tax portion towards the top..... and what i did , was print out from the state web page the rules governing who has to collect slales tax, with the lawn and landscapping section highlighted...

    nice job :)

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