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    I have been mowing for a couple years now. A couple months ago my entire trailer filled with equipmemt was stolen. I was using equipment that was purchased used but still in pretty great shape for what few.accounts I have. My lawn service is just part time but I have 6 very loyal customers. Here's my dilemma. The insurance company is only covering $4200 of my loss so I obviously can't replace a trailer, two mowers and all my tools with that.

    My question is, do you think a residential zero turn such as a Craftsman zero turn would be sufficient enough for me to use for two years until I can replace my equipment? I only mow 10 acres a week as I wasnt planningon expanding until next year anyways. I am just worried that the equipment isn't going to be durable enough for commercial properties.

    10 acres include 7 properties with bumps, hills, curbs and lots of obstacles. I would hate to have to disappoint my clients plus a few of them are subcontracted to me and I was.going to get more work from the contractor when I expand.

    Thank You
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  3. jconneriam

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    I am located in Livonia Michigan.
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    I have a solid ferris ZTR IS2000 52" deck I could sell you. Just put a new kawasaki 25hp engine in. $3800. We can talk about price and delivery. That craftsman won't last ya too long for your investment. It would be just throwing away money not investing.
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    I appreciate the offer but as I mentioned, I only have $4200 to purchase everything I need including a trailer. I understand by purchasing cheap equipment isn't a smart investment because it will have to be replaced soon,but replacement isn't my concern. My concern is making sure I am able to take care of the current customers that I have. Not only for the commitment I made to them, but also because the revenue from those accounts will allow me to purchase the correct equipment.

    Does anyone know the difference in durability between the residential and commercial mowers? Would I ne able to properly service my customers properly for 1 to 2 years with a residential Craftsman zero urn?
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    Toro timecutter.
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    I think you'll be ok for a couple years. Are you buying a lightly used craftsman or new?
    The big difference between the two is the commercial units are made to take a beating and last a lot longer.
  8. jconneriam

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    It will be a new Craftsman.
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