i needed a beer after this one!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Glenn Lawn Care, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I get a call last week froma lady who wanted her rental property thats for sale taken care or. weekly mowing, clean up, fert, the whole 9 yards. her property is for sale and she ask me if i could get it done before last friday cuz of showings she had, i switch some things around to make it happen. early friday morning i have nothing but problems, break downs left and right. i tried to call her and tell her i wasnt gunna make it but she never answered and she called me saturday just liveid, i told her there was nothing i could do. sunday it rained all day her and into the early morning on monday and i didnt work cuz i dont work after or durning the rain. well i get there today at 730 in the morning and after i have been working for and hour the person who rents the house told me that she hired some one since i didnt show. but the s.o.b. couldnt call me and tell me that and she wont answer her phone so i left her a message saying i wanna get paid for the time i was there.
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  3. Charles

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    I would have left a message saying I couldn't make it. I wouldn't have gone over there until I had heard back from her. I think you should just write this one off and move on
  4. The mayor

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    Calling someone a sob because you have equipment that doesn't work and you didn't show up when you were suppose too. Not much to say. have that beer.:rolleyes:
  5. phil_peek

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    I guess thats just how it goes sometimes. Guess we all gotta learn things the hard way. Showed up late to a job and started cuz they werent home and when they got there, they threw a fit cuz I had done it without talking to them, even though it had rained and they hadnt told me otherwise. Anyway, they paid, but after a few words were flung in my direction. Anyway, I learned to be leery of jobs like that.
  6. topsites

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    If I ordered a pizza 8 hours ago and they said it would be there in 30-45 minutes but it just now got here.
    Do you think I should pay for it?
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  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Well, equip. breakdowns can get to the best of em. Everyone is an sob when we are in a pinch right:laugh:
  8. Loadsmasher

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    I must have missed something. How is this the customer's fault?
  9. Glenn Lawn Care

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    this is not the customers fault by any means. i cant control the weather or the break down i have. she just couldnt realize that things break and that it does rain here once in a while here in minnesota. you mean to tell me non of you have break downs, cuz thats a bunch of crap!!!!!! no one can control that or the weather.
  10. S.I.

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    I've never had a breakdown that couldn't be handled with back-up equipment or a rental. I was wondering how you could leave a message to tell her you wanted paid, but couldn't leave a message telling her that you couldn't make it on Friday?

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