i never read dear abby but..............

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    since someone stole my trimmer last week,i got a chuckle out of the column today:
    DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ago, I returned home after mowing the lawn at my mother's place and parked my truck behind my house. I left the lawnmower and a 5-gallon can of gas in the bed of my truck and went into the house for a drink of water. When I returned, the gas can was missing.
    I bought another can, filled it with gas and added 2 pounds of sugar. Again, I parked my truck in the same spot with the gas can visible. An hour later, it too had disappeared.

    A short while later, I noticed a neighbor's son and his friends pushing his car up the street. They said they had "engine problems." My wife thinks what I did was wrong and that I should offer to pay for this lad's engine repairs. What do you think? -- "A-GASSED" IN ILLINOIS

    DEAR "A-GASSED": I disagree with your wife. What if the boys had another kind of engine problem and this was just a coincidence? I'm sure whoever stole your gas got an expensive lesson. Let's hope it also saved them from a life of crime.
  2. Charles

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    Yea he is da man:weightlifter: I hope it was the crooks that stole the gas:laugh:
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    I have heard the sugar thing is a myth.
  4. MJS

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    I guarantee you if you go out and put 2# of sugar in your gas tank that it's not going to do the engine any favors. . .

    Cool story :clapping: it's nice when a simple solution solves a problem like that.
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    That's great! I had a similar experience. I suspected somone was stealing gas from us. I left two 5 gallon cans out - with a 2/3 gas. 1/3 water mix. It did 2k worth of damage to the guy's vehicle (fuel pump, injectors, engine, etc..... lol). BTW, I didn't feel one bit bad about it either. He got what he deserved. I figured he'd ripped off about $600 before I noticed it. Karma is a *****.

    Way to go!
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    thats a good one

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    There is nothing more I hate, someone who steals. They deserve what they got.
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    Nice work! But......

    I once heard of a farmer who was havnig probelms with kids stealing gas from him. So, he dumped a few pounds of sugar in the storage tank. Sure enough, the kids came by and filled up their car. A few miles down the road, the car quit running, and they had it towed to the shop. The mechanic asked where they last got fuel from.

    To make a long story short, they took the farmer that the stole the gas from to court and sued him for the engine repairs, and won!

    Amazing isn't it?

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    Nice man. That's awesome.
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