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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Blue Ribbon Turf, Jun 1, 2004.

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    I am a solo that does Commercial properties. Most of my properties is more than 5 acres and I mow with a 61" Yazoo Keys ZTR. The only residential that I do is a freind of my wifes, who I don't charge, her ex used to be a LCO who was smart enough to put in a double gate, other wise she would be on her own with the grass. One of my commercial clients called me late Friday afternoon and ask me if I could do his residential property on Saturday. He had a bunch of people coming in town and he had been hurt loading a riding mower in the back of a pickup truck. As the mower reached the tailgate the tire spun and the ramp fell. The mower fell on him and hurt his back. I asked him about his backyard and he assured me there would be no problem getting my commercial mower in the backyard. So Saturday after my scheduled mows (10 hours of mowing) I take off for his house which was a 30 minute drive. The front yard doesn't look to tall and I knock it out in less than 10 min. head for the backyard and there is no way to get even get half the mower thru the gate. The grass is hiney deep to a tall Indian. That is the point I say to myself ...I should have known better. Everytime you try to do a favor it blows up in my face. So being the professional that I am I get the 21" push mower out of the trailer and 1hour 45 min later I emerge from the backyard....alot smarter not to say a couple of pounds lighter. For what I changed him I don't think he will call me to do his home anymore.
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    hey dude, "knew" better and new better are two (not to) different things just so you know for the future. Second, was there a place on the fence you could disconnect it? That's what i do if possible

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