I noticed something very interesting yesterday about my fuel mileage

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Richard Martin, Apr 20, 2013.

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    diesel is the answer to your problems...do your research and take your pick, ford chevy, dodge. they all get pretty good fuel economy towing, it depends on what year you go with and so on. lots of research is the key, but diesels are reliable, they do get better fuel economy when everything is working properly, especially 2wd trucks. my dads 95 dodge ram 2500 5spd manual cummins diesel has been getting about 20-24mpg towing since 2000 when he bought it with 60,000 miles, and now 12 years later he's at 270,000 and he's had some work done to it so it has more power, about double what it started out with, and it even with 300-350whp it still gets the same mileage if its driven easy. back in 2011 when i bought my 96 f350 4x4 automatic 7.3 powerstroke with 4.10 gears i was getting 19.8 mpg towing 6000lbs all highway. for 3 hours. then around town with a dual axle 16' dual axle landscape trailer and about 2000lbs of equipment i was getting combined 16mpg stock with 240,000 miles.
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    you do get better mileage with diesel but you pay more when you fill up at the pump. i'm not sure if you save any money once all is said and done. i think it all pretty much evens out.

    best thing is if you don't haul alot of weight use a v6 truck or even a 4cyl if you only tow one mower.
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    I looked into diesel when I bought my truck and I couldn't justify the extra $6,000 at the time, especially considering that the body will likely rot off before I have 100k miles on it. 2WD isn't exactly an option either unless I get a second truck because I plow. I think this is an excellent discussion, but as with anything, the choices made will depend on the entirety of your situation.

    One thing worth noting is that some of the new 1/2 ton trucks now have towing capacities exceeding 5 tons. You used to have to step up to a 3/4 truck to get that.
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    Cute but what is the accuracy of that thing? You are talking 0.5-0.7 mpg here which is very small. The ONLY way to check gas mileage with any reasonable accuracy is by taking the actual gallons used and the mileage driven over several tankfulls. The MPG computers in new vehicles are at best a rough estimate as is that Ultraguage which probably works the same way. Seeing that small a variation over only 30 miles on a device like that is meaningless.
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    new vs. new you are right, but if your talking about used vs. used, its a pretty big difference, and the price difference is very slim. i have looked many times. I have my 96 ford f350 diesel i purchased with 239k for 3500 dollars in 2011 with very little rust on the body even to this day and im at 277k the same truck gas might have cost 2500-3000. my buddy bought his 2004 f350 6.0 diesel brand new with a fisher mm2 8' hd plow for 34,000 the truck now has 170,000 and still works every day, body has no rust on it yet, and it get washed 4 or 5 times a year starting 2 years ago...chevy truck do seem to rot out quicker. my buddy has 2002 chevy duramax and the rockers, and cab corners are rusted through bad and his truck only has 124,000 on it. :confused:

    new gas trucks do have big towing capacities but the price tag is up there with 2-4 year old diesel trucks which can tow more and will last a lot longer. i'm not sure about you, but my truck has a trailer hooked up to 5-7 days a week unless i'm very sick and unable to work or its raining very hard or lightening outside.
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    The UltraGauge is tunable. If the actual mileage is different than what the UltraGauge says, you can fine tune it so it reads correctly. You can't do that with the factory programs.

    I've been tracking mileage for a very long time the old fashioned way. The UltraGauge in my setup is reading just about perfect.
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    I'm thinking about giving these ramps a try. They weigh about 17 pounds each and have a loading rating of 3400 pounds.

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    Richard; My 20' trailer came with 6' ramps. I cut them in half the day I brought it home. And put a pipe hinge in the middle of the two sections.
    I was worried about a dovetail hanging up on steep driveways so the section on the trailer I hung it from the rail around the trailer with chain. So when the dovetail scrapes a driveway it rides up instead of digging in.
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    Can you take a picture and post it here? I'm open to all suggestions as long as it doesn't include replacing the trailer or the truck. Either of those two suggestions is not cost efficient. What sort of pipe hinge did you use?
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