i passed out 1000 flyers, no response, NOT ONE CALL!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bradluvsjesus, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. bradluvsjesus

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    i put roughly 1000 of these in mailboxes, beginning over a month ago, up until now, not one call, i'm really scared..:cry:

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  2. NTAnnin

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    Looks like a good clean flyer to me, but putting them in mailboxes is illegal and the postal workers will pull them all out when delivering mail, unless the customer gets to them first. Usually the post office will call you and warn you of your illegal action but maybe in your instance they forgot. Its possible that a very low percentage of these flyers actually reached the customer. There is also the slim chance that you are as unlucky as a lottery winner is lucky. Either way, get more flyers printed and leave them on doors. Sure its a pain and takes tons of time, but it works. Iv'e landed 26 full time lawn accounts already this year with door hangers and i'm still handing them out daily. I have handed out about 3900 so far. Also picked up some shrub trimming and mulching jobs, and a few small landscaping projects. Advertising is one of the most difficult parts of this business, but once you start getting your client numbers up, word of mouth should keep you in business!

  3. Rollacosta

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    Beleive me 1000 flyers ain't nothing
  4. Richard Martin

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    He should still have gotten at least a few calls. I agree with NTAnnin, I think the Post Office got most of your flyers.

    In my area we have paper boxes that are in the county right of way just like mail boxes are. Back when I passed out flyers out I used to put them in the paper boxes. One day I got a call from a paper carrier telling me to stop putting my flyers in their boxes. I reminded the carrier that their paper boxes were in the county right of way and if they kept messing with me or my flyers I was going to call the county and have their boxes removed. They never touched my flyers again.
  5. MOW ED

    MOW ED LawnSite Fanatic
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    Use that paper box as stated.
    I have found that less is more with flyers and an odd size (smaller) usually gets attention. Instead of using up all that money on color and pictures use a heavy bond paper like cardstock, pick a pastel or bright color. It is different than regular paper. I have had very good luck with this method. Stay out of the mailboxes, I have heard some nasty stories about wanting to charge postage to every one they found.
  6. lasher66

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    It also depends where you are putting out the flyers. I put out about 1000 a week ago in a high end sub division and didnt get any calls yet. During the delivery process are started seeing other flyers from other LCO's. I think high end neighborhoods sometimes get oversaturated with flyers because everyone wants their business. Try a different neighborhood if you can.

  7. mak2

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    I have gotten 3 customers per 1000 flyer and your flyers look a lot better than mine. The mailbox thing is right, you cannot touch any part of the mailbox itself with a flyer. So you cant slide it beneath the post or hang it on a hook that is attached to the box itself.
  8. scfalconry

    scfalconry LawnSite Member
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    If it is any consolation... I've had people call me 2 months after putting out flyers. I only put out flyers once last year... so I know when they were placed. It blows my mind that someone would keep a flyer from a company they had never heard of before and file it away.

    I also had a lady who didn't have a paper box... admit to checking her mail and stealing my flyer from her neighbors newspaper box.

    BTW your print copy and layout looks great.... how much does it cost to produce those in full color?

  9. fazzy815-66

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    Ive had a lady call me 2 yrs after I passed out flyers(I know hard to believe)But some people file them away in case they need them later. don't feel discouraged I'm sure you will get some response.:laugh:
  10. Quail Creek LC

    Quail Creek LC LawnSite Member
    from IOWA
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    I pass out fliers every year. It seems that I get a few hits right away, but most of the time the phone really starts ringing about a week after thier lawn really needs mowed. People like to wait till the last minute alot of times. The mail box thing is a big NO NO. You can put them in the newspaper box in my area. I slip them under the floor mat. You will only get a small percentage ever respond to fliers I have learned. But if you can pull in a couple of people off of them, then its all word of mouth and that is where you can really gain new customers. I will normally wait till 3 weeks before mowing starts up to do fliers. People need to be in the mood to start thinking about thier lawn.

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