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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by motoguy, Feb 6, 2007.

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    Just got of the phone with the Missouri Dept of Ag - Pesticide office. Took the Core, 3 (Orn & Turf) and 6 (Right of way) tests last Thursday. Prior to the testing, they told us to wait 2-3 weeks for results, and -do not call the office-.

    While turning in my tests, I asked if it would pose a problem if I had multiple tests / results. They seemed baffled, so I explained:

    I told them I need to make -sure- I am certified prior to March, and I didn't want to risk waiting 2-3 weeks, only to find I hadn't passed. If it turned out that way, I'd possibly have only 1 chance to pass prior to the work season. They are testing in MO for the next 4 weeks or so, in different areas of the state. As such, I explained that I was planning to drive to each site to take the tests.

    One of the instructors took me aside, and said "don't mention this to anyone else, but give me or xxx a call next Tuesday or Wednesday. We can tell you if you passed." Very generous offer, so I thanked him, and planned on taking him up on it. (They told me to call on Tues / Weds...the next testing session is on Thursday, 4 hours away. Cutting it thin...)

    Turns out, I passed all -3- exams, and did very well to boot. SCORE! Now to get some insurance rounded up, and talk to a couple CPAs / Attnys on the LLC vs S Corp issue.

    Maybe now I'll just hit one of the other testing sessions, to take the Aquatic exam. ;)

    FWIW, I'll be doing commercial bare-ground apps. I don't plan on doing any residential at this time, nor any landscaping services. Just killin' weeds. :)
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    Hey MOTOGUY,

    I am located in Southease MO and am interested in testing to spray.

    What kind of prep work did you do? I have the Orn and Turf #3 booklets in preparations for the test, but I would like to pick your brain on what else you may have worked on the prepare for the exam.

  3. motoguy

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    To be blunt, I didn't do much. To the point that I was nervous about not passing the test, due to being ill-prepared.

    I read the Core manual, cover to cover. Ok, actually I read the Core manual, 3, 7, and orange Mo Pesticide Act manuals cover to cover. The Core manual I read one time, and finished it a few weeks ago. Same with the Mo Pesticide Act (read in that in the car on a 2 hour drive).

    I read the Right of Way next, cause it was the thinnest. Read it about a week prior to the tests. I started the Turf & Ornamental a few days prior to the test, and finished it the night before the test.

    I didn't pay much attention to the orange Mo Pesticide Act test, and the license renewal (60 days) and fine (no less than $100, no more than $500, + jail) Q's bit me. A couple of the "An example of a broadleaf is:" questions got me, as I didn't pay much attention to the -names- of example plants. I remembered the "configurations" more. Same with some of the plant disease questions.

    Probably 4-6 questions on "if you're applying at x%, your sprayer holds 3 gallons, sprays 2000 squre feet, how much do you need for .5 acres" kinds of things.

    A question making you figure the sq footage of a circular area, one asking you to figure the spray volume for a tree (dimensions given). Q about activated charcoal, transporting chems, first aid, how long can you wear rubber gloves before acetone (?) soaks through, etc.

    I'd say if you've read everything through once (and make sure you take the time to comprehend what you're reading), you're probably ok. Read it 2-3 times, and you're probably golden.

    IMO, the 3 & 7 tests were about 70% core-type questions, and 30% specific (3 or 7).
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    To spray for weeds and trees& shrubs the lady at missouri ext. sold me core, cat 3 books, do I need cat 6 right of ways also?
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    We're the questions on core and cat 3 anything like the ones in the book? It says in core book that the questions aren't going to be on the test. I read core now starting to read cat 3 book, seems like in cat 3 that just about anything can be on test hard to prepare for it.. Thx
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    If he was kind enough to do you a favor and he asked you not to say anything why did you feel compelled to tell all of us?
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    check the date on the OP's thread:)
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    Thanks, lol
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