I picked up my trailer from Mcadoo, Pa yesterday

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by PMASON718, Apr 4, 2009.

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    So I picked up my trailer yesterday and it was raining like hell and very very windy so I didnt get to do much checking on it plus its my first trailer. What should I be looking for as far as defects if any. Some things that I look at I'm trying to see perfection but I guess I have to realize that this is not a car and its a trailer. For one, one of my screws in the front of the trailer is screwed in but its a little crooked. The wood on the inside is find but some parts of it look as if its budging out a little, maybe this is normal. Am I being anal. I know that in general I a picky.
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    yea ur being anal...no im just messin with you..i was anal when i bought my first trailer...arent u from f150online too??? Post pics asap
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    Just remember people do this stuff all day. If it were me i would have a few crooked screws too lol I wouldn't worry about it. I bet it was a long drive. 4 hours?
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    Just remeber its a trailer, yes we use them 24/7 and with proper maintaince they last forever. Thing to look for are the frame solid and axle solid not bend. wood not really big deal as u can replace fairly easy. basicly just look at the welds and if any broke grind down and reweld. look over the tonge with a good eye.
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    Yes I am. Are you on there too? If so, what is your screen name

    probably 2.5-3 but I'm not sure about on the way coming back. It was raining very hard and windy so I took it easy. I80 is a little hilly so I drove back with o/d off. Last night I primed the wood and maybe next saturday I will paint the walls and floor. I bought a ligth grey for the walls and a darker but not dark grey for the floor.
  6. PMASON718

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    Here are a few pics



    Haven't even had it two days and I decided to paint it. (lights gray side walls, meduim gray floor)



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    I should have painted mine too when it was new.
  8. sslopok

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    I just picked up a new 09 Haulmark 6x12 v-nose from my local dealer last Saturday. I noticed a few crooked screws but nothing too bad. I am picky and I was very happy.
    What kind of paint did you use? I am thinking about putting thompson's water seal on the floor but may do the garage floor system on it instead.
    Looks good!
  9. PMASON718

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    I wouldn't use Thompson's water seal and I tell you why. I called just about everyone to find out what was a safe product that would work to use. I called Thompson's and they didn't even recommend there product for this application. I called haulmark and they told me that if I would have gotten my trailer painted by them from the factory that they would have used BEHR products. They told which products to use and I confirmed it with Behr.

    1 You will need Primer #436

    2 Premium Plus Porch & Floor Paint (exterior)

    3 No skid additive (optional) I added this so I limit myself to slipping. If you go this route only add the no skid additive to you second coat of paint. Basically pour the additive into the bucket of paint after you have painted you first coat.

    PM me if you need more info or help
  10. PMASON718

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    Where's your pics

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