I realize its just part of the job....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DavisLawn, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. DavisLawn

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    but does anybody else just want to CHOKE THE HELL out of customers who let the sticks and trash lay on the lawn all winter long, only to expect you to pick all of them up? And then gripe if you miss one spot , or if everything is not just so so... yet it doesnt bother them to let the yard look like crap all winter long. For some reason this really gets to me. I HATE the initial cleanups every year.... they take up so much time and are just really frustrating. :wall COME ON PEOPLE GET OFF YOUR LAZY AZZES AND PICK UP THE STICKS OFF THE YARD.
  2. CFB

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    What? Come on, who picks up sticks in the winter? This is why you have a job man. Because they would rather pay somebody than do it themselves. What's next....hoping they will get off their lazy ass and mow their own lawn too?
  3. dwlah

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    tell them next winter it will be cheaper for you to come by once a month
    works for me
    it either gets them on board or off the boat
  4. haha, i know this all too well. i have a customer who leaves **** all over his backyard including dog ****. I sent him a letter saying i would love to continue servicing his property, but i will not continue to do so under those conditions. I don't have time to pick up after other people. Let your customers know they need to have everything cleaned up on their scheduled day of service.
  5. DavisLawn

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    well, one would think that people who are so particular about the yard in the summer, wouldnt be able to stand looking at all that in the winter.... then when you tell them the cleanup costs more, most understand , but some look at you like you robbed them.
  6. DavisLawn

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    I hear ya bro... and the ones whose kids leave their dang toys strowed all over the yard.... my daddy wouldve kicked my butt if i left my toys scattered everywhere when i was a kid. What happened to, "if you get them out, put them back up when youre done"???????
  7. b/c we dont say anything and they dont care. i know a lot of people on here dont care, but im not going to spend even 5 minutes per visit to clean up their messes. i dont mind picking up palm fronds,branches,etc. but not dog ****,trash,cigarette packs,paper towels,toys,blah blah blah.
  8. TMlawncare

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    We have been working on our first round of fertilizer applications and I couldn't believe the condition of some of our commercial accounts. One in particular has trash scattered all over 60k sq ft. Cigerette and more cigerettes just blacket the perimeter of the parking lot, front/rear entrance and up/down the sidewalks. I know a few is expected but I will bet there must be 1000 to 3000 cigerette butt littering this place. I just guessed it would take over 6 hours to clean this place up.
  9. Roger

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    Do I want to choke the customers? No, they are my source of income. I welcome their checks so I can cash them and have funds in my bank account.

    My mowing season begins in a week or so. Last week, and part of this week, I have made a visit to all my customers' properties. I make that pre-season visit to, ready, ... pick up sticks. Also, I use the opportunity to cut any low-hanging branches, cut off wild roses, or other growth that has grown over the edges. In some cases, there is not much to do, in other cases, I may need an hour or more to get the property into a condition I want. I don't want to do these tasks on the first mowing visit. Most of these properties were last visited in November or December.

    So, choking, ... no, taking them as paying customers, ... yes. Thank you for your business, and the opportunity to do the work on your property.

    ED'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    I pick up branches and charge for it they can ruin my mach. Dog poop nope run right over it, toys, trash etc nope. If I pick it up then I charge for it. Last year I had 2 clients that kept leaving their garden hose out accross the lawn to flower beds on their mowing day. I rolled it up the first time then charged the couple of times before their bill. Needless to say the hose found its home before I got their.:laugh:

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