I realized my passion was sprinklers when...


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Kansas City, maybe, to begin, and Lenexa later on. If I were to install a Imperial Valet today, it would probably be a $500 controller.


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Hell... irrigation isn't my passion............ now sex and a good wine.... :laugh:

Now there is an attitude I can relate to......................
I do irrigation because I'm good at it and being what I call "adequate" in this buisness pays well. I learned irrigation on the golf course. In the begining, Dad was the Supt. and irrigation was just another sh*t job that I had to do because nobody else would/could do it. I remember comming home from school many times with a note on the kitchen table "need you to fix.........", or "pump x is down, get to work asap.........". I learned to enjoy irrigation a lot like a paratrooper falls in love with jumping. (did you realize they say that most airborne soldiers volunteer for jump school because they are afraid of heights?) There is something to be said for making a hurry up fix on a 3 or 4" main and having to jazz it so the boss has water. You crack the valve and go and stand there waiting to see if the minimum setup you gave the glue is going to hold. You watch the give in the dressers as the system comes to full pressure (160psi), and you hold your breath as the nearby zone you opened starts to run. Open the isolation valve a bit more and then run through a zone or two and go watch the repair as the system shuts down. (things are puckered pretty tight, aren't they :) )
There is something to be said for being blown off a 3 phase 460 elevated pump station because you arced a circuit that wasn't off too.:cool2:

Anyone else miss mercury switches?:hammerhead:

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My passion isn't so much for sprinklers as it is for water. All the allegories in my life seem to have a water theme. what I like most about sprinklers is how we can manipulate water. Sometimes repairing sprinkler stuff can be a real beating. Especially when you've turned 50 and your back aches. Getting the water right makes it all worthwhile.