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I really do love my job


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It snowed last week and it held me up for the whole week. Well, all the snow melted and I'm raring to go, I have a couple of clean ups and I have to hang Christmas lights for customers. The whole week it was like I was lost, yea I caught up on some paper work (exciting) but I love being in the field. I know there are employee problems etc, etc.. But I have to tell you, I used to deal dice for 15 years, mostly part time on weekends but for 6 years full time. I can't tell you what a drag that was. I saw everything known to man. I saw people have heart attacks and other players step right over them to play in their spot (oh yea only to find out the dude died later). Players used to poo and pee their pants and not leave the table, fist fights would break out with 80 year old men, I have to say that was reallllly funny, some guys would really brawl (that was also entertaining). When I was 20 I was making 36k a year full time dealing, I made up to 52k at Caesars palace A.C. It doesn't hold a candle to being your own boss and enjoying what you do, sometimes we complain about our profession but I love it good and bad.

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Good for you! There have been many in the green industry that were tired of being locked up in a building and finally made the change to the wild outdoors. Good luck with your endeavor. :waving: