I really have to learn to bite my tongue!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hardcore5657, Apr 30, 2011.

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    I did a clean up for a guy today and his yard was trashed, I mowed, trimmed, and edged the grass, raked up the leaves and brush, and blew out the yard when i was done. I felt bad for the old guy and only charged him $125. So he calls me up and says that the garden bed wasn't weeded, I said well weeding isn't part of the clean up only blowing them out. He said that his old lawn guy did it as part of his clean up. So I said yea what did he charge you , he wouldn't answer me. So I told him I would be more than happy to come back and pull the weeds but i am going to have to charge him. He said no that should be inclueded in the clean up. So i told him maybe he should try a different company and maybe they would do things more to his likings. I walked away and crossed him of my bi weekly mowing list. I swear people want everything for free these days!!
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    If you had told him up front what was included in your cleanup, then this wouldn't be an issue.

    He's just an old guy that has a hard time dealing the change in landscape service providers.
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    In a few years hardcore you will wonder why you can not make your payments and why you are out off work. It is your job to let the customer know what is included. If he has a problem with your work, fix it, let the customer be right, and it will be better for you than to have a bad rep.
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    We ...
    Yes, WE already paid for the advertising!
    Someone did!
    Don't waste it.

    Because I had a similar situation last week and I was so flabbergasted by the customer's
    comment, my mind was spinning and reeling at 120mph I was PISSED off!

    But you know what?

    I waited until I cooled down, then wrote on a piece of paper what it is I wanted to say,
    called them and calmly and nicely suggested they please call somebody else,
    then said thank you and have a nice day.

    Granted, I was glad I got the answering machine.

    Now I am not innocent so it's all good, almost every day someone F'ks with me out there, here too.
    I am starting to get better at controlling myself.
    It is not easy.

    But lets work on it, as I am hoping I learned my lesson.

    This is the mentality we need to focus on.

    Because I am telling you, hard lessons learned in the recession, those folks that will piss on your
    best day will also still badmouth not just your company but the whole bunch of us can end up
    suffering because of an attitude.

    So the point is do it nicely, that way maybe at least one other Lco gets a chance.
  5. Southern Pride

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    I don't think it's that crucial, but it is one of those situations where on one hand you don't have to deal with nitpickers (hate them) on the other hand it could have been x amount/ month for you. I also agree about communicating thoroughly with the customer about services provided but to be honest in this situation this is something the customer has to say "hey and would you mind..." trimming is not usually involved in leaf/debris cleanups but again I don't know what the conditions were.
  6. topsites

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    It isn't the one situation, but time after time it adds up and in that sense every situation is crucial.

    But no, I'm not hanging anyone over it, customers can be awful demanding and sure can act like they own us some days,
    I know all about that so if someone loses their temper it's not like I would have put up with it and that's just the breaks too,
    the customer needs to understand that an Lco is neither their slave nor their "boy,"
    however I also believe there will always be some who are uneducated and a few who may never learn.
    But be careful, please.
    Try and say it nicely: please may I suggest you call somebody else.

    Let me put it another way...
    If we suggest they call someone else, our phones will probably ring.
    The next fellow may not want them either but I also know one Lco's pita can be another's gold mine.
    But if we turn them off, our phones will eventually go silent.

    So, how about saying please may I suggest you call somebody else, that's all I'm asking.
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    Years ago i picked up a new house to mow and the lady complained i didnt string trim the 3 foot tall weeds down out of the beds that were all around her house, i said thats not part of weekly mowing thats bed maintenance, she said well the last landscaper used to do it weekly for the same price (in a D- bag tone), i said oh really my friend actually used to maintain this property let me call him and ask him, so i pulled my phone out and called him on the spot, he confirmed that he did not do that and that she was lying, I said he says he didn't used to do that for you. she looked at me like i had 5 heads and and told me to just keep doing what i have been doing and that would be fine.

    I still have her a customer for the last 5 years lol,We never talk and i never see her, i send her the bill and they pay it.
  8. Southern Pride

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    Nice. I don't think I would ever go to the length to call my buddy like that lol I just don't even care that much I guess, or don't feel like messin' with em. Thank the lord most of my customers are good, especially all the new ones this year.

    topsites, I hear what you saying man.

    KINGMADE LawnSite Member
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    Just start including weed pulling with the clean out quote. This is what it is with weed pulling. This is what it would be without.
  10. lazyike

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    For those who said "You should have explained what was included and not included" If you actually did this you would be giving the customer a bible.... dont BS everyone by saying full disclosure I have never seen a lawn maint company go through that extent...... Also how many of you include "weeding the garden" In your spring cleanup?

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