I Really Screwed Up My Yard

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by TYTILIDIE, Sep 2, 2012.


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    I don't know what the hell I did wrong here but, I sprayed my yard the other day and granted it wasn't looking so hot in the first place it is now a bit worse. The grass is yellowing out and I am afraid I may have burned it. Oddly enough, everywhere else I used this batch looks just fine. Here is the mix

    3 2.5 gal jugs of Ferromec
    2 50lb bags of Urea
    300oz of Trimec 992

    all mixed in 200gallons of water. Spraying at roughly 1 gal/1,000 sq ft.

    My yard has gotten progressively worse this year. One part of the yard in particular, the rest of the yard I guess wasn't too bad. Some guys think I should spray straight Urea but I don't know.

  2. CL&T

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    How hot was it and was the turf stressed?
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  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Why are you putting down Urea this time year if the grass is stress do to heat Urea will burn it how many total Sq ft is you lawn
  4. Smallaxe

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    Trimec is safe for turf,,, but that doesn't mean there are no side effects... I believe all the ingredients in Trimec will kill or seriously damge new grass seedlings... If the turf is under stress, then the weeds are not actively growing so using Trimec was a waste of time,,, IF the lawn was hot and dry...
  5. RigglePLC

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    It should work OK if you used it as you specified. Is the grass dry? Greener in the shade? Worse in the sun? Are you irrigating it properly? Did you actually use 1 gal per thousand, (or a bit more)? Was agitation adequate so that the mix and urea were fully dissolved?
    If the solution burned it--you should be able to see a pattern of where the nozzles went, and when you made turns, starts and stops. Is this a Chemlawn gun? Flood nozzle? Back and forth with cone nozzle?
  6. Lawn132012

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    Sounds like a few things. Bad soil, TOO HOT possibly fert burn and to high of a dosage for this time of year. I know I have been trying to stay away from fertilizers for the year but I am definitely staying away from ferts during the summer months and have been using more of a natural product so No chance of getting fert burn.
  7. lilmarvin4064

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    you should have halved your urea or doubled your water.
  8. Think Green

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    My thoughts is you possibly overdosed the Urea. I know the math calculates to 50#'s per 100 gallons of water but dang...........the competition around here is putting it out at 50#'s per 200 or 25# per 100. The urea fert will draw in more of the iron and 3-way quickly. What kind of tip are you using!!?
    I am putting out 3 gallons per m. and then 2 gallons with another tip.

    You are spraying 4.5 acres with this tank!
    maybe my math is out right now, but at a rate of 2 qts per acre in 5 to 175gallon of water per acre.......you are way off on the 3-way. Should it be 9 quarts per tank full.?
    I know the cool season turf can withstand another quart per acre than the warm season turf can.

    The heat has gotten to my headache.........gotta go now.
  9. Think Green

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    Stop............hold the press.........headache is gone.!!
    300 ounces of Trimec 992 per 200 gallons of water. You are using 1.5 ounces per M.

    I don't recall cool season grasses needing that much nitrogen per M.

    Sorry for stopping the press but didn't want to steer you wrong!!
  10. CL&T

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    Yeah, don't feel bad. I had to think about that at first too but that is correct.

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