I saw the NEW Deere deck today..Impressive

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by imograss, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. imograss

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    I had demoed the Deere 777 in early fall of this year. I really liked it alot. I was convinced if I could put the 7iron deck under the Super Z that would be the stuff. When I asked the dealer about an OCDC he said Deere was coming out with something and he couldnt really get into it. This was before Meg Mo was advertising their closure. Anyway, I stopped by the dealer today and they had one of the only 400 made versions of the deck under the 757. It is a mulch on demand deck only being used on the 757 for trial purposes. It has a lever like than of a OCDC but it not only closes off the chute, it baffles each blade at the same time just like a mulching kit installed. With a push of the lever its back to side discharging. If this thing works I may make room for one if and when they make it to the 777. Just though I'd share the info. Oh yea, it's about a 1000.00 option, but wont be mass produced untill the end of 2005.
  2. Eric 1

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    That is awsome. About time someone came out with that. Between this and the new warranty, this may move Deere to the top of the pack.

    Thus the reason for selling the Super Z?
  3. imograss

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    I am very happy with the Super Z. I usually get a new mower every 2 yrs or 6 or 700hrs, so it's time to think about it. If it sells fine if it don't fine. I would be more interested in the Deere if the deck was under the 777. They did put me down for a demo next week , if it ever stops raining.
  4. TreffertLawnWrx

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    Hey guys,
    I just demoed a 757 with the M-O-D system. very nice setup, switches in a second and seemes to work great. However I didnt get a chance to use the mower for mowing applications, It did a great job with the leaves. I have always had Exmark but wanted to make sure I tried the JD before getting another Lazer, I am going to all muching decks next year so I thought this would be a huge advantage mainly if we had to bag, but you still have to remove the baffle and arm.

    The baffles close and fit like a glove under that huge 7 iorn deck. but like you said for an extra $1k, I think i will just take the baffles out in the event I need to side discharge with a Lazer.

    The JD was the most comfortable Z i have ever demoed. It was very smooth but had a very slow reverse. that may have something to do with the single pump system.

    I would however like to demo a regular 757 to see the side discharge speed, because of the mulching blades it wasn't the farthest (nor' meant to be).
  5. imograss

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    The dealer also said they increased the blade tip speed on the new modified machines. I agree the 757 and 777 Deere's I demoed were quite comfortable, not as fast and agile as the Super Z, and probably not as stable on hills, but a sweet machine nonetheless.
  6. QuikKutLawn

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    Hey guys... Now that Deere has released their new deck I can talk about it... I tried it out for a couple of weeks during the spring. I can tell you that the nicest thing for me was that I could mow tight areas with a bigger machine than normal. I mean I didn't have to worry about where the discharge was going (into the flower beds or something), and it saved clean up time. It would more than pay for itself in one season for me... Maybe Deere is stepping up in this market :D

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