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I saw this today

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south texas
Well today while my shift and I(firefighter) were out going to check out a new hospital in my city. I saw this big ford truck parked in the back of this hospital and it belonged to a lawn guy it had all the signs and no trailer. Well i coulds see someone was cutting the grass that was due 3 weeks ago with a 21 mower..I thought some small areas use a small mower. Well we go in to this hospital and come back out in an hour. Well when we are going around the corner this guy with a homeowner lawnboy comes around the corner. Well I think to myself he must be a worker nope he was the whole crew. I could not see another guy anywhere and you can tell the areas that were cut were done with a 21 mower. This place is huge tones of mowing and tons and tons and I means tons of trimming. Well my thing is how did this guy get this contract?? He must be cheap, but then how does he pay for that huge truck? He looks like he just got picked up for the corner the way he was dressed I would never show up to any job looking like that and not even my workers if I had any.(next year) The work he was doing didnt look that great I mean what is it.. here I am trying to make somthing of my self and I would probably say that I would never look or make myself look bad while at a job like this one and here is this guy looking about as bad as he can get and he has this place. What gives??? I dont know I guess Im just mad at the fact that I say that Im not ready for clients like this but in fact when he can do I can do it 10 better. Is it me or does anyone else feel this way??


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Maybe every thing was stolen.


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Maybe he knows areas that take a LOT of trimming can be done quicker with a 21"... Maybe he knows that showing up looking fancy doesn't attract the customers he wants and maybe he knows the more equipment he brings, the higher the risks and associated costs.

I am sure some say the same things about me:
'86 D-250 with dents like it's been sandwiched between a couple 18-wheelers, once or twice, front, back, and sides (ok not quite, but yeah).
Truck, trailer AND equipment got washed and waxed last June.
Guy like me, worn jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes slightly religious in the wear department.
Equipment? I only bring what I need, the truck and trailer always look bare. Maybe WE know more equipment means fuel out the window, more stuff gets in the way, more stuff can disappear (get misplaced, stolen, etc). I just stuck a Mallory coil in my truck, I THINK I'm up to 16mpg, lol, try THAT fully loaded, then start unloading (my first year, I got 5-6 mpg, then I started learning) :)

I shake my head at the guys with their 450-series trucks and dual-axle trailers with 3-4 mowers and oodles of weed-eaters, edgers, gas cans, blowers, wheelbarrow, aerator, rakes, shovels, tarps and crap a lot more than I laugh at the guy with the simple stuff, just enough to get the job done and no more.
But to each their own...

Which looks more pro:
The guy shows up with a lawnmower and a weed-eater to cut the grass
The guy shows up with the entire store and a crew to cut the grass...

While the first guy might look like he don't do much, the second guy might look a bit like overkill.

'tis all in how YOU want to present yourself.
I learned nobody defines pro (certainly not by looks), it is a mindset, and only that.


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southtx said:
I Guess your right its they way he presented himself that gets me.

You want this account? Sounds like it is ripe for picking to me. Instead of lamenting about how this other guy got the account you should be thinking about what you could offer. But, just be sure you reallly want it, and that you can do a better job or you will be their next ex-lco.


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maybe he got it because he was cheaper than the rest. And maybe his only expense is that truck and mower, nothing else. Watch, he mows that property, takes him 8hrs, and he makes $2,000 each time.


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Flint, Michigan
Or, he could've just been ONE of the guys from ONE of the crews sent there to take care of that place while many other guys were out doing leaves, or something. Maybe his partner was sick that day or something. There are ALOT of scenarios it could've been. When you see one guy and a truck, they're not always the owner.


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LawnBrother said:
Maybe his big mower was in the shop.

maybe hes a scr*b... i mean mow joe.
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