I see alot of problems but little solutions. What works

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Lurch01, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Lurch01

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    First off I must say, I am sorry for the loss each of you has suffered and I hope you can find the people who did these crimes against you alone somewhere. Somewhere that will leave none of your foot prints and has no witnesses.

    Now Tell me please what is working for people to deter the crime especially stolen equipment?. Sadly many of the people we work with in this business are just 1 lost job away from being thieves themselves.

    Does anyone store items at night in a gated storage facility? Of is that a NO NO? Do I need to chin down everything as well. I can not bring the trailer home every night. DAMN HOA would make issues.

    Please tell me what lets you sleep at night. I will be spending 10k in a few days on new equipment and want to feel safe leaving my goods at night.
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  2. mayorofperryville

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    I mark every thing!!!! an electric etcher works well in and under panels also mark with green safety paint it sticks out. braided cable works for smaller stuff cans, baggers, handtools ect. write down serial numbers and take photos (if poleroids were still around that would be handy)
    most important have a plan for if or when something gets stolen IE do you park in a place thats offers cover for the thiefs? when you mow the lawns is there better places to park were you can see around your truck?
    think like a thief watch other lcos in the area do they leave stuff out in the open trailer unsecured and unattended? NO!!! also get a truck dog you will have someone to talk to and he will hopefully bark to get your attention or scare punk kids away.
    just what i do hope it helps.
  3. AI Inc

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    Guns and dogs.
  4. Falcon50EX

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    Keep it all inside a locked storage unit. Gated storage facility most of the time they make those spots in the back so the guy cut the fence and come in the back. A good cable cutter or sawzall will unlock most if not all. :gunsfirin
  5. mayorofperryville

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    nra stickers and the globe and anchor should warn away anyone who whants to live.
  6. Think Green

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    I hate to dishearten anyone like myself in the business but if a thief wants our equipment their isn't much to keep them from taking it.
    I am friends with CID officers, Detectives, and foot officers that will tell you "Do not post or paste intimidating stickers, signs or other forms of public aggression around or on your property. There will be someone to test your intentions. I used to have a bumper sticker that said--" Stop poaching-Game" My tires were sliced on the truck. I had signs that state--"Never mind the Dog, Beware the Owner!" Doesn't matter--doesn't deter anyone wanting your surplus. Heavy braided wire, logging chains will slow a thief down and possibly deter them from an easy steal, but with mini torches and other portable devices, the use is wasted. Locks can be cut--doors will be pried open, gates smashed, lights blown out--there is no end or the thief would stop. Animals to protect property is a technique but like any other living thing...........it can be stopped with poisons.
    The last time our equipment was stolen.........it was done on a Saturday.....in broad daylight and in the afternoon. People all around and no one saw a darn thing.
    When you have employees arriving and leaving, no one will think anything more.

    I don't want this to come across as rude............but............in this business, it is not if you get taken........it is when!!! I have not been able to recover any piece of lost equipment from the last 3 times we were hit.
    It always seems to happen a few months after a bad employee leaves, or you know they have brothers that work for other competitor's.
  7. mayorofperryville

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    First off you'r right NOTHING will stop a determined thief.
    Lets try and be positive and just pay attention! I try and learn from other peoples mistakes, ask questions and think like a thief. I dont know if this helps but (knock on wood) I have not had much stolen from me exept a few gas cans and hand tools. A couple of times I have come across someone who claims to be from the neighborhood and just seems a little to nosey, they always seem friendly and claim to admire my work. I take note of licence plates ect could it be a ligit neighbor yes could it be a thief maybe err on the side of caution and take notes. I try to keep my truck in sight at most times and break up my routines. I will also make excuses to go to the truck breaks time check,let the dog out,ect. MY TIME MY MONEY MY BUSINESS. I read this forum alot also to not make other peoples mistakes.
    Also once when i was working for another landscaper. His foreman fired me ( I let him it was two weeks before i left for basic training) The "boss" had his wife lock the garage. I was very offended since i thought this guy was my friend but now looking back he was just looking out for his family and looking back it was the correct thing to do even though he lost a buddy.

    p.s. I knew more than the foreman and he was out to get me since Dave hired me on the spot in the middle of the season with a full crew.
  8. Lurch01

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    Ok there is nothing i can do, But I sure as hell will slow them down. All day every day, My dog is with me. I will post waring signs as well. My past speaks for itself.I will KILL a thief Odds are with my bare hands. But it is best to try and make it difficult. When I run 3 more crews I will move and build an office of my land. I hope they break in there. Lord I hope, Texas has a great thing called the Castle Law.

    Thanks for all the help. I do what I can and make the push to move to private storage. I guess tis is a time when my past will help me. Bless you all. And thanks for being honest.
  9. GreenI.A.

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    All my equipment is stored inside at night. During the day My dog is in the back seat of the truck. He barks at anyone that comes to close and gets pretty excited if he feals threatened. Not only will I hear his bark if I'm out back, but he's 180 lbs so if he starts jumping around in the truck the alrm goes off as well. He looks threatening and is protective, but if he ever got out after a theif I would probably find the guy on the ground drowned in slobber
  10. mayorofperryville

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    hey just thought of something. Alot of states have something like the castle law, me thinks it may vary from place to place but some things hold true. first piont make shure the rifle or pistol you use is legal clip size registered ect. also make shure you dont shoot the thief in the back (call out something to get them to face you and shoot them in the head) Also when the cops arrive use words like how terrorised and afraid you felt and lastly tell them how strangley the thief was acting. He was speaking to himself, You herd people arguing in the garage to discover onley one person and ur wife nd kids are in the house. you being an upstanding and forgiving citizen gave the thief an opportunity to leave and he threatened you and said something about havin a firearm before he started to approach you in a menacing way. AND NEVER EVER TELL A COP YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS INSTEAD INFORM THEM YOU KNOW YOUR CIVIL LIBERTY'S. Be as calm and professional as you can and by all means cooperate if they start too try and strong arm you be polite and firm and lastly always call ur lawyer. Nuff said hope this never has to happen to anyone.:usflag::usflag:for the citizens, by the citizens:usflag::usflag:

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