I see green or your fired!

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by DeepGreenLawn, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. DeepGreenLawn

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    I posted this on another thread but thought I would start a new one as well.

    Had a customer threaten me to make his lawn green like his neighbors or I was fired. He said if we weren't friends I would have been let go a while ago. Never mind the fact that his lawn was the healthiest on the street or that there were not any weeds. He just wanted it green. I then pointed to each "green" lawn and showed their downfalls. One was full of weeds, the other was all patchy and thin, and the other had grown a foot in just a few days.

    "Green by the end of the week or your done. I don't care what you have to do."
  2. cpel2004

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    Turn it green, collect your fee and drop him ASAP. He will continue to be a pain in your rear. Its too many good customers out there, to deal with this guys attitude. Let me guess, did you hook him on the price, you probably gave him a really good deal?
  3. treegal1

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    is it yellow or is it just not thick??? whats it need to get it green?? N or FE or both???? is it time for some urea, yada yada, not realy organic??? whats the real issue???
  4. DeepGreenLawn

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    No, it's green, just not the DARK green that you get after pouring the N on. The real issue is that it is an ego trip? that he is on and wants to be one up on the customers. He has a beautiful lawn, he, like everyone else, thanks that to have a good healthy lawn it has to be that really dark green. I treated his lawn first this last treatment and a batch or two after his I started adding Fe, so I am going to spray again and then probably just go ahead and throw some N on it to make him happy. I don't want to drop him and he is not getting a deal. He just wants his lawn green. I treat his neighbor too and they just went out and bought their own fert and put it down to make it green so I told him I was proud of him for having the patience thus far.

    What N fert do you recommend to put down to get the good greening without doing more than I need to? Like I said, I should be putting compost down here in the next week or so, so that should keep it a healthy green from now on correct?
  5. Daner

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    They all want there lawns green...From a distance...I have a bad feeling about your "wants the lawn green" customer...and the guy who laid down his own fert...not to sure about him as well...I think they call It too many cooks In the kitchen...maybe you haven't done soil tests on any of these lawns...not good...when a customer sees and know your are getting down to the nitty gritty and looking at there soil by testing...It shows professionalism...and then you set out a plan...If It were me ...I would not throw any quick fix on that lawn... untill you did a soil test.
  6. cpel2004

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    Well. I didnt look at your name and it does say "Deep Green Lawn." You need to have a good working relationship with your customer, but it sounds like he will never be happy. Deep Green is there something you should have done to his lawn that you didnt do? Does the guy have a legitimate issue?
  7. DeepGreenLawn

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    No, other than the compost, that I now know, I have done everything we have agreed to. He is an Hybrid customer, the deal is I use traditional weed controls and organic ferts. Organics are new here so I am still learning myself and did not understand the importance of compost. I have been applying my ferts and waiting witht he understanding that organics take a while. The reason most of my customers are organic is for the safety of their kids, he has a 2 year old and a 3 year old I believe. Well, now when it comes down to it he just wants the lawn a dark dark green. Like I said, to me it is a healthy green, not the N poured green like everyone else but a good green. Not yellow, green. He wants his lawn to be greener than his neighbors. One of those suburb cultural things where you have to have the best looking greenest yard. He even said, "their yard is the worst in the neighborhood and theirs is greener than mine." Well yeah, its crappy because all they do is pour chems on it.

    I have held my part of the bargain, he just wants more, and I like to think I specialize in making customers happy. I look at it as a challenge.
  8. DBL

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    youre going to need more than a week but pretty much anything is possible with time so if he gives it to you then get after it but if he doesnt..........
  9. Organic a go go

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    Do a spray of fish emulsion and mix it extra stinky. If it doesn't give you a good green up and the guy fires you then his lawn will smell like a wharf on the wrong side of town for a week. He did say whatever you have to do....
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