I see like 10 different lawn services a day driving around...

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  1. I grew up down here in Port Charlotte & Englewood area on and off living with my older brother as a kid and was back here as a teen for 2 years mowing with my older brother. I went to school here. It's nice here and cheap housing. $41k for a 4 bedroom 4 bath we bought on a corner lot. No more house payments. I got away from my wife's crappy crazy pill head leeching family by moving back to Florida. :laugh:
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    Now you learned another lesson. First month is due upon completion of first cut. Not going to be home? Leave a check or pay by paypal.
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  3. "Go where the money is." If you live in an area that doesn't have much money, it's going to be hard to build a solid business. I'm not knocking you for moving to where you did, just saying it will be very hard to build a biz off of people that complain about paying $70/mo. for lawncare.

    Everywhere in Florida is different. Fl-landscapes says he stays away from resi and that commercial is better for him. Here, it's the complete opposite. Commercial and HOA work is done for peanuts. Resi will pay good.

    I won't take on an account that is weekly for less than $300/mo, or bi-weekly for $200/mo. These aren't accounts that have a lot of grass either. That's just the area I live in.

    I plan and want to move to San Diego within the next 5 years. I have visited there and there is a lot of money there. It will be an easy area to build a landscape and gardening biz. Point being, I will go where the money is. I wouldn't try to start a biz where people can't even afford the service in the first place. This is a luxury biz imo. Most people don't want to do what we do, but they can. I don't work for people who nickle and dime, who want everything for nothing, or who want cheap work.....

    Again, I mean to offense to you, I hope that everything works out for you as you seem like a hard worker and dedicated to this. Best of luck.
  4. Ya I had a lady send me a payment paypal for a new job I picked up two weeks ago; she is up north and she prepaid another guy 6 months and he quit on her. I put the paypal on my website just for her that day. I also waited an entire 10 days for a check from up north to mow another that the guy is in the hospital. I didn't think they were going to send it. I told them I can't cut it until it arrived. I told them about paypal and they didn't want to pay the extra $5 surcharge I put on it. LOL. I've learned. It's just so hard to get people to pay. I hate knocking on the door. It's BS, they shouldn't make it that difficult. They know they are billed out to the 1st of the month. I send email invoices out with Quickbooks about a week before the 1st. And I still have to knock and ask for payment.
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    True. 7 days a week, I will see up to 20 different guys and the 4 big companies driving around. Not worried. I am doing something totally different and foreign. A resurrection of the old Chemlawn before they were a marketing company. Back when they would high volume spray a lawn.
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    There is a place up in northern Sumter, Lake and Marion county called "the Villages." I have known people who have worked there over the years. I hear it is a very difficult place to make a living cutting grass. You have to do huge volumes because the rates are so low. It sounds like where you live is worse.
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    send it back with a note saying that is fine for the future but he already agreed to this amount for the first month and the service has been completed and you will be pursuing this payment to the full extent of the law
  8. Ya I've been selling cars and such for 20 years on the side. I should have stuck to that here. But we spent all our capital buying this house plus investing in the lawn business. So tempting to sell it off and get back into making $500-$1500 a crack on cars. I always work on them for something usually. Sometimes I don't have to do a thing to make $500 other than wipe a car out. If I put half of the effort into car sales that I do in lawns and maintaining equipment I could make more than I ever have. :laugh:

    That's why i say "i don't see how people are making it..." How can they run a business, all this overhead, gas, mowers, trimmers, vehicle, hard dirty work, get hit all day with debris, work on equipment, buy parts, sharpen blades and oil changes. And even come near making $40k a year. I would be happy with $20k a year at this point. I just don't see it.
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    Do you know who Gene Gorman is??? 10 years ago he had one very small Used car lot south of Punta Gorda. Look what he has today. Might be time to beat the Crowd and throw in the towel. Mowing might not be your cup of tea.

  10. I would if I could. I like taking care of things. I like working. I just don't like the pay and lack of financial security it seems to lack here. We shall see.

    Yes I've seen his car lot in PG.... :) I have 5 accounts in PG. It seems like there would be more accounts in PG than North Port but I get most of my calls from NP.

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