I see like 10 different lawn services a day driving around...

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  1. Oh I really like getting out working. It's really a pleasure to run around town and mow and such. I just don't like people avoiding paying, not paying, or too cheap and don't pay enough. It just sucks. I love mowing. I love working. If I can make money and not stress if my mower blows up that I can even fix it or buy tires for my van. I really don't see how people are making it. And I don't have house payments, mower payments, car payments, and no credit cards. no vices either. We don't drink or smoke or drugs of course. Heck I don't even care for coffee. Nothing. But still can't make enough to pay bills or buy a new set of tires. It's ridiculous.
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    Maybe a part time option would be good for you. The security of a steady paycheck and still have time to grow your business. Maybe something that will help like learning to be a spray tech.
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    megaviper, maybe you are not cut out to be a business owner. I moved here about 5 years ago from ohio doing the same thing for 17 years there and I am doing pretty good here. I was out working today doing some snowbirds yards, shrubs and lawn and picked up two more accounts cuz they see the kind of work I do. I take my time and make sure its done right. I'm not one of these guys that mow and go in 15 minutes. I take pride in my work and had many of my clients tell me that. I dont mind working weekends at all, cuz I do alot of disney trips with the family, or sometimes myself during the winter monthswhen there is nothing to do! Good luck to ya man!
  4. I worked today. I even got two emails stating how much they like how well I take care of things. I'm just not picking up anything new or better paying. I've been pretty low ball on prices making sure i build first. I mowed today and yesterday. Not because I have enough to do that. But because the doctors office closed at noon Saturday. So it's easier to mow. So I mowed 5 yesterday. And then today I got a NEW old account. A neighbor moved into a new place but it's a nightmare to mow and trim even. Here is the email I got yesterday to show you I get good feedback.

    MY EMAIL: "I’m sure you do. So $110 or $140. That’s your yard taken care of mowing, trimming, edging, weed control, trees trimmed, bushes trimmed. I haul it $140, or you let me set it out front for trash $110." He has two small palms about 8 feet tall. And about 8 smallish bushes.

    For a lawn I already have at $75 a month he paid already for July. So this is his email.

    HIS EMAIL: after his parent visited and saw how nice it looks. I also email him photos once a month. He said thank you in the letter with his check about how nice it looked.

    "Well I can tell you that good service is hard to come by. We appreciate your prompt service. But we have become aware that one of the palm trees are in need of leaf trim. I understand that you are busy and your time is valuable. But what would you think about adding an additional fee that I would send out this month to run the water spickets outside for an additional fee (maybe you could turn them on while you are trimming the bushes).So on top of the extra $35.00, would it be worth your while for an additional $15.00 ( so for the month of July we would send $50.00, if you are interested). I understand if you decline, we just would like our water to circulate more than it is. Its ok if you are too busy, my parents do make it over there too. Thanks

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    I guess it is tough out there. Heck there is even someone posting on this thread that can't even pay his property taxes. Supposedly even has a couple crews. Hang in there.
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  6. Yes my wife even has two jobs but her waitress job isn't giving any hours. She has had 0 hours for 5 weeks straight now. Her other job she is getting 25-30 hours a week at minimum wage. They know she has the other job so the other waitresses are getting the hours. Plus she thinks the head waitress is doing it on purpose because after only working there for 2 months customers come in and ask for her. My wife is nice and very personable and has that cute look so it helps. She the type of person you couldn't imagine someone being so nice with a smile all of the time. You can see her in my photos.

    Our taxes here will be like $750 next year so i think we can handle it. :rolleyes: It sucks that people are having such a rough time. I think it's going to get worse. Look at Europe. People are selling body parts because they can't find work anymore. People that made like $100k a year before.
  7. We used to go to Busch Gardens all of the time with season passes. I hope we can start that up again soon.
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    You are right about the people and for the most part it seems like you never see the same person twice on the same yard.

    as for the lawns we have been in business for last 3 years and I can say this is the first year we have been constantly busy barely time to fix equipment but I started with 3-4 yards now we do roughly 60-100 a week and have to buy trucks and hire people it is hard to get started but if you can hold out it does pay off if you are in for long haul. Just Cuts LAwn Care Inc
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    You are not the only one seeing an up turn. This is an election year and the economy is getting pumped. Credit is lose and Houses and Cars are selling. If you can't make it now, you can't make it. While I am enjoying the influx of new business, I look for a sharp down turn after the election, No matter who wins. I down sized in late 07 and I am going to stay down sized and save my money for those rainy days to come.

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    I have been in business for a month last friday. i will not drop my gate for less then $25 and that's for a very small yard(mow, edge, weed,blow). i dont want 100 yards at $65 a month. My first goal right now is 35 yards at $30 a cut or 30 at $35 a cut. thats $1050 a week. or $4200 a month if there is 4 weeks. My first goal on my business plan.

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