I started from nearly nothing!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jamxray, Nov 23, 2004.

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    I never really made much of anything in my life, until May 2003. I had worked on someone elses time clock, and was never happy working for peanuts. Not that I make a lot more right now, but I found an old beat up crappy lawn mower that I had to pull over and over for about 30 minutes for each lawn, before it would start. (it ran out of gas on the first lawn, and I didn't even have a gas can). The lady was nice enough to advance me the pay, so I could get a can and some gas. I walked the neighborhood for about 3 weeks, until the mower died. A friend saw what I was doing, and loaned me $200 to buy a new mower. I paid him back in less than 3 weeks! It felt good to be behind a brand new mower that started on the first pull! I knocked on doors where it looked like the lawn needed to be cut, and got a few regulars. by the end of the spring, I was mowing 12 lawns regularly. My dad gave me a snow thrower, to help in the winter. I started putting a few dollars back into my new business, to buy shovels, rakes, an electric blower, and other tools of the trade, and took the passenger seat out of my 96 Neon, to make room for the mower. I expanded my service area significantly! (Might be funny, but it worked, so I can laugh my way to the bank!) I generated about 18K. Not much, but a decent start from nothing. I still only have the Neon, but now I have a small trailer to carry the mowers. I carry hand tools in the trunk, and back seat.
    This year, in early March, I designed a quarter page flyer, and took it to a print shop, where I got 4,000 of them, (a thousand sheets) for $25. I walked up and down streets within a square mile and put out 2,000 of them. (about 30+ miles of walking) It took me about 16 hrs. but I didn't have anything else to do. I got a decent response, (less than 1%, but 1% of 2000, is 200). It was enough to double what my customers, so it was worth the walk. I'm working on the pricing for fall clean ups, and kind of screwing myself, but I got a good piece of advice today, and will implement it immediately.
    Another thing I did was go to the local senior center. They accepted me, and I've gotten a few calls from them. They have me listed to mow lawns, fall clean up, and shovel the snow. The city pays for some of them when I turn in the paperwork. Doing work for seniors is a back door into a much larger market, baby boomers, which is my target. If the parents use my services, they might just tell their children (baby boomers) about me.
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    How is that possible in this Bush economy???

    You've got to be one in a million!

    Can you believe this P-LIB????


    Keep it up young man, you're doing a hella of job!
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    I got a decent response, (less than 1%, but 1% of 2000, is 200). :dizzy:

    no, that's 10%, you received about 20 customers if you got around 1%
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    Kepp it up, holmes. You are on the right track. I know guys like you in my area. One sold his co., for $100k and went to college. Then he came back and started over. He is doing real well now for himself and his family...
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    Keep working hard and it will pay off. Trust me!

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