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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by I.M. Green, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I.M. Green

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    Ok we've all seen the threads about snakes, frogs, rabbits, etc. However I may have a first. Yesterday I was trimming a big oak and almost stepped on a racoon. It was alive and well but possibly had some rabies or something as it was staggering around. Anyhow, it sure did wake me up!! I'm just glad I didn't take that next step before looking down...
  2. mainstreet1984

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    I was cleaning my garage on last Friday and after about 20 min in:weightlifter:, I saw something white and black moving by my aerator... I took my flash light and here it was! a skunk!!! :confused:I tried to chase it out:cool2: but I guess because it was a rainy day that thing just did not wanna go anywhere. :cry: so I grab shovel and start making noise as much I could :hammerhead: skunk looked at me raised its tale....:dizzy: I almost fainted but he had mercy on me and didn't spray me... walked away, probably cursing me for disturbance....:confused:
  3. grandview (2006)

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    you can get rabies from them even though you didn't get bit.

    If you think you have made contact with a rabid animal immediately wash the affected skin area with soap and water. Call your doctor or clinic or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. If saliva from the animal is on your clothing, wash it immediately in hot, soapy water BUT DO NOT TOUCH THE SALIVA.
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  4. GravelyNut

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    Ewwwwh skunk.

    Glad this is all we have to worry about. And pythons that range from 6.5' to 18'.

  5. Heintooga

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    I.M., Fear not! Coons are nocturnal scavangers. The one you saw was probably so sleepy he couldn't stand. You may have been cutting his napping tree.
  6. Hadly

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    from IL
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    Saturday had a squirrel fall out of the tree I was mowing under. The weird thing was the sucker was dead. Never had that happen before.
  7. I.M. Green

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    the clients did call Animal Control and they didn't seem to worried about it and said they would charge $25 to remove it. So I got a garbage can out and put it in there (he wasn't too happy about that!) and released it into the woods.

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