I stopped a C-lawn tech the other day.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jul 6, 2008.

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    I was in an upscale neighborhood, in my unlettered truck, he was spraying weed control w/ the irrigation system. H?e comes over and I was talking to him , he thought i lived in the hood, I ask boy they got you working spraying weeds w/ the irrigation on huh? his reply was oh yeah it works great when it s wet. Oh yeah it doesnt wash off huh? Nope. So i ask about their organic propgram, just chicken or turkey and thats it, he says they dont do much of it. Then I proceed to find out they do theri first two apps liquid cause its cheaper, and thenn the rest are granular. They get 1.5 times the rate for grub control. Does this sound about right w/ what they do near you?
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    Sounds exactly like what they do here
  3. rcreech

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    I love talking to those guys!

    They don't give a crap....they will talk to me even when I am in my "marked" truck.

    You can get pricing or anything from them!

    Good info Humble....Thanks!
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    That's odd, because it has been my more common experience that they are rather stand-offish when it comes to socializing They act like they belong to some grand society or corporation, or something. I just laugh it off as being one or two things. Either their ignorance of the company's doings as a whole, or that the fact that they are rather miserable in their position, and envy the single entrepreneur that is doing it on their own. Although, on the latter case, thy wouldn't really know who the owner was, so maybe it IS more of a looking down on a guy working for a "small" operation. After all, a guy that does custom welding on chassis for a small company like Ferrari or Lamborghini where the cars still have to be handbuilt - without assembly line automation can't hold a CANDLE to a guy that grabs a autowelder to spot weld on a trunk or bumper for a "big" company like GM. "Me - weld - bumper."
  5. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    While I'm not at all inferring that their attitudes are okay, I'm not sure I'd give a crap either if I had to deal with the BS those poor fools have to deal with to keep their jobs. I suspect those guys only worry about keeping their job, not DOING their job. They're beholden to upper management, not so much the customer...
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    Depends on the individual Some are stand offish an others will talk. I have a couple of techs from big companies that will be driving by and stop to talk. I pick their brain about prices and they try and pick mine about any thing. At seminars it seems like the techs talk but the managers are closed mouth. Small independents like myself seem to freely exchange information on some subjects and keep other things to themselves. The big thing I find right now is the subject of raising prices. No one in my area has raised price. The big boys stock piled and the independents are eating the margin. BTW because Florida is harder harder to get licensed I believe we get better prices and margin than a lot of other states. We also have a year round season. Therefore not many are willing to jump prices at this time in fear of losing customers.
  7. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I sometimes wish I had this. I hate sweating bullets, wondering if I have stockpiled enough $$ for winter. I hate sending out prepays b/c I DON'T have enough $$ for winter. Nothing better than spending tomorrow's $$ today, right? :cry:
  8. Ric

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    Don't cry too hard Florida has it's share of problems also. Highest foreclosure rate in the country and worst school system in the nation. Recent tax cuts has local government cutting services and homes are burning to the ground because of poor fire protection. Between hurricanes a poor fire protection, homeowner insurance is through the roof. Right now the working class in Florida are in depression not recession. Only thing keeping me afloat is the Snowbird retiree who live well, but below their mean. They have a strong desire for a nice home and beautiful landscape. I have seen PhD delivering pizza just to put food on the table. Remember the other side of the coin. The more education you have in a specialized field the less jobs there are for your education.
  9. vegomatic40

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    I think their attitude is more dependent on how far behind they are for that particular day. If it is 1 o'clock and they have about $500 done on a $1200 goal, chances are they aren't going to be too willing to stand around and jaw about something they have no control over. Some of the "oldtimers" are actually damn good tech's that given the opportunity would do a fine job (I've hired more than a few). I may be splitting hairs again but you didn't chat with a C-lawn tech. You talked with the bastardized version of a specialist that TG forces to bring in the revenue...however he needs to get it done. Irrigation on? So be it. It still has to get done. If your customer count is high, revenue expectations are likely to be correspondent. I would rather do smaller volume for higher margin but I don't have to answer to stockholders either.
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    That's why I firmly avow to remain as dumb as possible.

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