I think dealers do some things on purpose...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Sep 9, 2006.

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    And maybe it's just the way things are and I'm sure if I were a dealer, perhaps I would see things their way, but take for instance:

    New mowers come in, are assembled and then given to the buyer with these exact words: "SHE'S READY TO GO!!!"
    Personal advice: Take that mower home, and first go over the whole thing piece by piece and ensure everything really is exactly the way it should be. I found on mine, a loose trans belt (well, just loose enough it would've failed within 2-4 weeks), two improperly greased wheels (I fit over an entire tube of grease in there), and several other things needed adjusting and tightening, it's really not ready to go and it was just waiting for it's first warranty repair, which...

    If dealers needed repair work, they sure don't make this obvious. First they price labor too low as if to say they want the work, then they play this stupid game to ensure it gets the idea across that "you are better off buying a new one." Even thou all that may be wrong is say a lifetime warranted ignition coil, first it will take them two months to fix it, then they will charge you for the coil and if you ask about this, you will now be left with having to prove that THIS coil was indeed warranted for life. All for saving a lousy 300 bucks, gee...
    Nevermind, I found the answer: Fix it yourself, order the part from the manufacturer and you will get the warranty item despite dealer assurances that only dealers can perform warranty repairs.

    If I want 50 rubber grommets because they wear out all the time, why does the dealer first look at me as if I am crazy, then tells me he has like 6 in stock but never offers to order more...?
    Nevermind, I found the answer: Call Mid-Atlantic Rubber Company and get 100 of them at less than half the price.

    No offense, but it almost appears to me that dealers really only want to cater to folks new in the business as it further appears dealers either fail to or don't want to understand the more evolved implications of commercial outfits who have been in operation for more than the usual 2 to 3 years.

    I understand dealers must see mostly new guys, but is that because most Lco's are new (meaning most go out of business in under 5 years) or is it because they treat the experienced Lco as if he just came in from Pluto?

    I just don't get it...
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    get me started on dealers :cry: :cry:
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    You mean like my new Scag, tires are labled inflate to 12 psi, Had 25psi when delivered.
  4. traman

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    you mean like only getting 1hr of use on a walk behind ,and having it lock up dead in its tracks, because a wheel bearing never got greased,and it took you over an hr to pull it out of a back yard cause you work solo!!! and the dealer cant help you cause you are to far away from his shop !! oh by the way its ready to go
  5. AAELI

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    What really is a crying shame it the dealer who just goes out of his way and makes it look as though he was going that way all the time!

    How about the one that fails to torque the wheel bolt properly and comes out to your jobsite to not only replace the stripped bolts but swaps wheels out as he admits his fault! That really gets me when they do that . It is like they think that making up for their mistakes will atone for them.

    I am a dealer who did just this. When you screw up as a dealer you are responsible for your actions. Not the manufacturer or the distributor.

    My customers appreciate honesty as do I. I am ashamed to hear of so many problems that you have with your dealer experiences. I would have thought by now though that the rubber grommet issue had long since been learned from and you had grown up stronger as a result.

    Not all dealers are equal or in your case predisposed to assisting you. That is indeed a shame. You are doing well to adjust both your business practice to avoid dealing with them and your attitude when dealing with them.

    Good luck....
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    The process of getting a coil proven defective is a hard one. I had an intermitten spark problem on a echo blower. Somedays it had it somedays it didnt. It didnt matter if the engine was hot cold luke warm.

    It was an older model (pb1000) so I took it apart and checked the torque on the bolts. Cleaned the dust and grease off and put it back together. It had spark great and ran fine for another 3 months or so. Then it started acting up again. I took it back apart and it was just dusty. I regapped it and put it back together. It ran great from that point (mid aug) till the end of the year.

    The next spring it started acting up again in may. I again checked everything out and got it running. Finally, it quit for good in july and I got a used one off of another machine. Havn't had a problem since.

    I have had the same thing happen on a chain saw as well. I can't understand why it happens. When I asked a few local dealers, they said my model was too old for a warranty part but they said it sounds typical and they have seen it happen may times. That is why not all dealers are quick to jump to giving a free replacement because when it goes to the factory to be tested and it does work,, the dealer don't get paid for nothing and the owner of the machine just fights and it usually ends up where the dealer gets stiffed for the money. I have seen and delt with several customers compaining about this problem for manyt different brands. (echo redmax kawasaki handheld, tanaka, homelite) so its not just 1 brand inparticular. It prolly happens on other brands but my shop dont work on every one of them.
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    Just out of curiosity...who is has a lifetime warranty on ignition coils? Is this only 2 cycle equipment or do any of the engine manufacturers have this?

    I know Tanaka has a 5 year warranty on them.
  8. AAELI

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    Maruyama has a lifetime on the ignition coil on their equipment. In 14 years I have only replaced one! All other claims for warranty for customers "ignition" problems were resolved with the replacement of the screw in plug cord. They were brittle due to heat and had cracked the insulation resulting in a grounding of the plug cord.
  9. DFW Area Landscaper

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    ++++"you are better off buying a new one."++++

    My local dealer told me this one too. I had brought my HS-45 in because it just wouldn't run anymore. He said it probably wouldn't be worth spending any money on and I should just buy a new one.

    A few weeks later, I found some free time and it was just a clogged spark arrester screen. Stihl hides them on the INSIDE of the muffler on this machine. Took it out and it ran like new.

    So, why would my dealer a) not have known to check the spark arrester screen and b) recommend retirement for this maching and just buy a new one?

    I always thought the dealers made their money on repairs, not sales.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  10. AAELI

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    In the case of your dealer... more than likely makes no money. I get more trimmers and blowers with either muddobber nests in the muffler or clogged with carbon. The volume & 'note' coming out of the muffler is the number one clue. Any change in volume or clarity of tone indicates obstruction.

    Your dealer does need serious help. Retirement soon???

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