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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jlawton, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been lurking on these boards for years and I was hoping to get everyones opinion.

    Currently I am an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent and I have spent the past 8 years working on golf courses all over the Carolinas. I have a turf degree and my pesticide license in both states. The golf course business seems to be going nowhere and I seem to be working countless hours just to be going in circles. I have moved multiple times and have had several and jobs I am just ready to settle down. Starting a lawn care business is something I have been thinking about for years and I think I am ready.

    Right now I am living near Myrtle Beach, but I think I would like to relocate either to the Charlotte or Raleigh area(I have worked in both cities) where I could focus more on cool season grasses. So my first question is, does that make sense? I just see more value in maintaining cool season over warm season grasses.

    My second question is what are your thoughts on just focusing on fertilizing, herbicides, insecticides, aerifying, etc.... There are so many companies who mow and I dont know if I want to jump into that competitive field. I know the squirt and fert field is also competitive, but I am just going to try to sale myself on my past golf course/turf experience and knowledge.

    Thank you for any answers,
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    Hello Lawton!

    Welcome to the forums! Your work history I believe will really help you out in the long run.

    I actually live in Charlotte and there's a few big company's here just like anywhere else but your right about the cool season grasses.

    I don't really think its a bad decision because as you said there are a lot of guys out that mainly mow (like myself actually) and just don't want to mess with the chemicals and all. One day I plan on expanding to that level but not right now.

    I hope it all works out for you! I'm sure you'll have a ton of people chime in on here to help you out.
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    I think it is good to go at it with one kind of service in mind that you will want to sell your self on ..but i would find ppl to work with around you subbing mowing for fert and fert for mowing. offer the ppl all kinds of work be the guy that can do it all and if you cant have ppl that can. networking will take you a long way i feel you will make more money off jump street by doing mowing cleanups and fert then sub out your landscapes and tree work. Be ready for the office work and keeping that in check i have seen lots of guys do great work in the feild and fall on there face due to bad office work. Good luck i hope it works out !

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