I think I have been lowballed!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by affprop, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. affprop

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    Well I dont know for sure, but I called an account that I have had for seven years today, and he was at first really cool then when we started to talk about summer maintainence his voice changed, and he sad " You know I wasnt happy with last year". I am like what, he never said anything last year at all and he waits till this year to say something. So he either knew I was going to raise my prices and is trying to make me change my mind or someone else is going to move in. But I am secure in the fact that I have done a good job for this company so Ill just hope that I will be able to talk to them. LOL.
  2. IBGreen

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    You've been lowballed.
  3. crawdad

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    Did you ask him just what it was that made him unhappy?
  4. affprop

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    What he was bitchin about was not even my responsibility, he said the grass wasnt green and there were weeds in the lawn. Bull____! I only do the maint. someone else does the fert and lime. I have a meeting with him either today wend. or thurs. Ill let you know. I didnt even raise my prices all I did was ask to add 2 hrs a month for weeding and trash p'up instead of being included in the mowing price.
  5. paponte

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    Yeah I was in the same situation last year. I didn't do the chemicals for this one customer, and the lawn was in dire need of fert. The customer accused me of cutting the lawn too short, and thats why it was brown. I told him to let me fert it, and if I was wrong I would give it to him for free. Needless to say I have full service with him this year.

    What I am getting at is try to get the chemicals from him, if you offer the service. If not, stick to your guns man!! Good luck either way. :cool:

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