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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yrdandgardenhandyman, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Picked up a new client today. Her daughter called me because I had done landscape work for her. After I bid and got the yard, she told me that the other guy was grossly overcharging. I bid $35.00 and its under 10000 sg ft. My predecessor charged $65.00. I didn't lowball because $35.00 is the going rate for this size and type of yard.
    I went to mow it and the lady, whom I never met because the daughter hired me, came out and started telling me of all the projects she wants done. I have a summers laundry list of things to do on this property. And get this. The Mother and the daughter told me to do it at my leisure and to charge what I feel is fair. Just whatever I do in that month just bill that month and it will be paid. I offered estimates but the daughter says she pretty much knows how I price and any price I set will be considered fair.
    Never had any problem with the daughter paying but, I guess I'm a little nervous because of the blank check policy they presented me with.
    Contracts for residential is a bit taboo around here as most Iowans would rather agree on a handshake.

    If he overcharged for the mowing, maybe he was overcharging for other services. I think, though, that all he did was mow.
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    Sounds like a good customer to me. This business isn't always 100% set on contracts. You know your area and the types of people you work for. I am betting they are the same as my customers here in Green Bay. Not interested in the paper details and pay their bills on time. Sure some will say that you can get in trouble with no contract and that may be true but you have to have the feel for the customer. I think you have found a gem, be fair and you will make money. Its evident that they are a bit price conscious as the other guy took advantage of her. Price as you need to be competitive but don't overcharge and you will do fine. Congrats.
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    I've had a few customers like that.

    On the extras, I always started out with the smaller jobs first to make sure they would pay as they claimed.

    Then, I lay it on thick later.....:drinkup:
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    yardandgarden, I get the same thing. But I get them from the other companies charging for services and half doing them and mowing the grass all in circles.lol.
    What part of iowa are you from? I'm from the dsm area(Norwalk).
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    I love those types of customers. Have a few like that this year and it makes it real nice at the end of the month when it comes to billing. Even in this area $65 for 10k sqft is high. Around here 1/2 arce residentials go for about $30-40.


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