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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ToG, Mar 28, 2003.

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    ok, thursday we went to quote a property. this is in a fairly weathly neighborhood, upper 300's. turns out the homeowners are a pair of older ladies and one of the ladies mother. they recently moved to the area from NY city and have never really had a yard. well, now they have a 1/2 acre lot with very minimal landscaping. now, here's the fun part. not only do they want it mowed, they want areation, fertilization, stone paver patios, herb gardens, flower gardens, mulching, possibly fish ponds, removal and reinstallation of existing lanscaping (all is still small and easily moved) and flowers, flowers, flowers.. basically they talked like they wanted to turn their yard into a fantasy walkthrough garden, the kind you see in books and such. they are very unimpressed with the builders landscaping, saying it looks very corporate, and want the large raised beds of hedgery in the front of the house to be stripped and all plants relocated. the evolution of this project they suspect will be ongoing over the course of three years or more.
    as far as the yard itself, they want it to become very green and lush, so as to stand apart from the neighbors yards. these folks are very free spirited and creative. i have the feeling they want a dream landscape and are willing to pay for it.
    the also mentioned that their professions invovle marketing and asked to have a number of different qoutes given to them (though i have a very strong feeling we are already hired) here's the deal; 1) they would like a quote on regular maitainence, billed monthly 2) they would like a quote with a possibly discount if they paid upfront for an entire season!!! 3) they have neighbors on either side with the same sized lot, no major obstacles on any property (really ideal yards), they would like a quote on a group rate, stating that since they were into marketing they can be very persuasive any may be able to get us three accounts at once!!

    so, as this being our first year in operation i am very excited. we could possibly make a name for ourselves with this. so should i give them a deal with the hopes of this becoming a gravy account? the way they talked of multiple years leads me to assume we will keep our contract with them throughout.

    here's what i was thinking, let me know what you think. keep in mind we are brand new on the scene so we need to stay competitive, however i have almost two years of mowing and two years of landscaping (foreman) under my belt. ok, here it goes

    for quote #1 $40 per mow billed monthy

    for quote #2 $35 per mow paid in one lump sum (approx. 25 per season, and open for adjustment)

    for quote #3 $30 per mow per yard, keep in mind i can mow from one yard to the other without getting of the mower, with the exception of the fronts. in all, this will total just under 1 1/2 acres.

    also, another consideration is that we are offering a 5% discount and 5% donation to a local no kill animal shelter for the signing of the service agreement, so maybe this should only apply to #1 and maybe #2.

    sorry for such a long post but i really need some advice from some pros. try and think back to when you all were just starting out and happened to come across this opportunity. i really think we could have lucked out here and want to make the right desicions and make a name for ourselves with this one, hell if this works out, imagine the refferals we can get from this!!

    thanks to all who respond, Dustin
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    Yea, you'll get the accounts with those prices. Go up,up, up! You said half acre,right?
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    yeah, each lot is 1/2 acre, minus the house. i know it's kinda low but i don't want to scare them away. how much do you think i could get out of them? the way i figure is that if we could get all three yards at a lower price then the following year we could raise them. plus with all the other work they want done it seems to be too much to risk driving up mowing prices. remember, we NEED to become established (not as a scrub though) this year...
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    I cant tell you how much to charge. Only you can know that. If you can afford that price, maybe go for it, but I think you could at least 10 or 20 more per cut. They have money,right? Are they shopping around? I think its a great idea to offer a group discount! The more people in that neighborhood or street, the bigger the discount (but not too much). Why minus the house? You still have to trim around the house, and any other obstacles connected with the house,like a/c units and meters. I need to become established too (more accounts), in a way, but I dont offer lower prices because of it, I provide a better service than most to make up for it. Anyway, good luck to you, and hope you get them.
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    kill 2 with one stone 40 is fine thats 80 dollars an one stop . i would rather make 80 bucks in one stop than 100 bucks an 4 stops. next year market more customers on the same street so you can make that same stop an cut 5 lawns instead of two an turn that 80 dollar stop into a 200 dollar stop. this is how i have marketed my company i have one stop in one neighborhood an i cut 37 accounts. the less drive time the more profit , bottom line in the mowing business.. have funn see ya

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