I think I may go back to being solo.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by exmarkking, Jun 30, 2013.

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    There is a chapter in the book called "E-myth Revisited" called, "Getting Small Again".

    Let's look at this from an employees perspective...? Why on earth do this kind of work for another LCO unless your motivation is to in fact venture out on your own.

    My area is full of scary employees in this line of work I would not want meandering around on my home lawn who probably could not get hired elsewhere...? Okay numerous owner operators fit the same bill. :(

    There is also a chapter in the E Myth revisited where the goal is to sell the business to some other person and move on....?....?

    There is a Landscape version of the book as well. Can anybody who has read both care to expound on the differences....?
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  2. blk90s13

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    Solo here and I just changed my mind about hiring help

  3. exmarkking

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    Well your income is limited being solo. If you want to be wealthy/rich, you have to have others making your money. As long as your content with the quality of life that a solo can provide, you got it whipped. My wife makes good money, we don't have children, all my equipment and vehicles are paid for and have years of life left, so I feel it's a good move for my situation.
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  4. larryinalabama

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    If you live a reasonable lifestyle you will make enough to invest a money over time. Getting wealthy takes a long time. Theres still a few real estate deals that come up every now and then. I plan on buiding at least 1 more house before I somewhat retire.

    Realistically a Solo operator can earn a better living than he could working most jobs.
  5. exmarkking

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    Very true...I agree. With all the issues I've had with employees, I just want to scale back and see how it goes. It's different being solo and just starting out, being young, verse going back to solo after you've build up good systems, good equipment, and business knowledge.
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    im waiting for efficiency to chime in on this one.
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    Not smelling like THAT you're not.

    Go take a bath!

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    Who's that?
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  10. Exact Rototilling

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    I have heard various posters on LS here say $75k is possible solo running efficiently. Maybe gross sales....not net. Wrangle fest of snow relocation is required here. Sorry snow has become a 4 lettered word for me...here in the land of $15 driveways....:cry:

    My area has longtime full-service LCOs who are operating at a price point with a crew of 2 and I'm not sure how they are making much...if any. I'm thinking it is a break even loss leader for more profitable services....?

    $35 minimum charge is a total joke here. One has to pic and choose clients to make it.

    I still entertain employment making $75k plus with full medical and retirement that is immune from downsizing, office politics etc. 3-6 weeks paid vacation etc. Dream on.......
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