I think I might be done with hunter products..

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. GreenLight

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    Ok, one exception, mp rotators do own me but lets face it hunter had no oversight in the design of that product.

    I have just grown to loathe pgp and my complaints continue to grow. I hate that terrible adjustment tool and how it will warp with any resistance from the gear drive. On quarterly services and adjustments I can always count on one style of head being a leaker and that is the pgp(in many cases it just flat out bleeds right through the threaded connection after a year or two). Again, pgp is a pain to do quarterly service to because of it's unbelievably slow rotation rate and I feel obligated to make sure they all cycle through a forward and backward rotation before moving on to troubleshoot the next zone. Theoretically I know it's probably a plus to have such a controlled slow rotation rate, but it bugs the hell out of me when im in a hurry and just because it moves to one stop sure as heck doesn't mean it's going to make it back to the other without freezing up. I could go on and on about the bulky style which hasn't changed at all, the rubber top that notoriously pops up and comes unseated after a few adjustments.

    I digress, the pgj is adequate and useful but not a regular in my stock. As I said earlier, I do love MP but I give hunter absolutely no credit on this (but I do admit they seem very wise to have bought out walla walla). Mp was likely a great business decision by hunter, not so sure about the fx buy.
  2. Wet_Boots

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    No one is intending rotor heads should rotate swiftly. Slow is good.
  3. WalkGood

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    Are you pulling the rubber top UP to make adjustments?
  4. Wet_Boots

    Wet_Boots LawnSite Fanatic
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    I had to partially pry off some PGP covers when the throttle screws filled with sand.
  5. GreenLight

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    no, definitely not.
  6. Fireguy97

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    The other day when I was installing some new MP Rotators (not from my stock), I noticed that (someone from Hunter?) had the great wisdom to not have that silver paint left indicator strip.

    They replaced it with a strip that is the same size and shape, but is molded right into the black nozzle. Now to when you set your left edge, you have to get right down to kiss the head to see it.


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    A flag wire was my tool of choice to clean the screw out. I also cupped my hand in such a way to deflect the stream right into the screw to help. I can remember when the PGP was such a step up from what was out there. Now its like an old running back. I think the maxi-paw speed is perfect.
  8. JayinMI

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    Yes I noticed the silver strip is gone too. Plus when I do have to get on the ground to see the darn thing, the water tends to make it blend in even more which is really a PITA BIG TIME.

    I use the MP's ALOT, I am one of 5 service guys who use them regularly and since I am the sales rep also I install alot of the systems I sell and I use MP's in alot of my systems.

    A co-worker (who frequents this forum but will not tell me his user name) ANTHONY!!!!!. He and I installed a new system last week which was all MP's. In 92 defree weather getting on my hands and knees for over 35 heads had me pi$$ed after I was done!

    I have ALWAYS loathed the PGP. The seals suck and I am constantly replacing them with 5000's. We do not have the market over here to sell SS heads so that is out of the question. Plus the local big box store (not hd or lowes) sells a 5004 SS for under 15 bucks!

    I will stick with my 5004's and sometimes throw in a T-5, otherwise no PGP's. We do not even have them in stock, although a service tech requested I-20's the other day which I got in for him.
  9. NC_Irrigator

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    Ive been 5000's for several years now.

    I still use prosprays for my mist sprinklers though
  10. mitchgo

    mitchgo LawnSite Silver Member
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    We were pure pgp checks and non check on a low pressure system.

    After the ultra we have switched to the 5000+... It's still personal preferences from the foremans... I'm about 25 RB's to 1 pgp.

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