I think I might be done with hunter products..

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Some Sprinkler Guy

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    A can of compressed air(think computer cleaning air can) and small red straw works wonders for cleaning those out. Its by far the best solution weve found.

    I switched to the rain birds for a few years and didnt feel that the coverage pattern was as good. I also had a large quantity of them that stopped rotating.

    After running both I still prefer the PGP. Yea they got issues but so does everything else on the market.
  2. MOlawnman

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    I too am getting rather aggravated with the PGP. It seems like every job I go to with them anymore I'm constantly replacing them becausing of the leaking seal. I have sworn by them for a long time but I'm getting to the point where I will only install 5000's
  3. WalkGood

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    Around here for rotors it is 90%-plus PGP land, from what I encounter. With homeowner replacements with Orbit copies.

    As mentioned the cupped hand while lifting the rubber cap and the water is on will flush the sand out of the hex screw.

    I used to carry some sort of t-headed hemming pins to clear out the crud. A grandma customer gave them to me. Worked well but I lost them all.
  4. Mad Estonian

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    The other day when I was installing some new MP Rotators (not from my stock), I noticed that (someone from Hunter?) had the great wisdom to not have that silver paint left indicator strip.

    They replaced it with a strip that is the same size and shape, but is molded right into the black nozzle. Now to when you set your left edge, you have to get right down to kiss the head to see it.

    There's a flattened section on the left edge. Feeling for it is a lot easier than looking for that stripe.
  5. AI Inc

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    I carry a pocket knife, then do the cupped hand then a puff of air from my mouth. All that dosnt work, they are buying a head.

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