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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnnewbie, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. lawnnewbie

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    I have mowed for a couple of years. I have only had a few lawns in the past. I want to expand this year. I am trying not to lowball everyone, but I am finding it is very difficult to get starting. I do understand the guys with lawns currently have had to work hard to get them, so I am not trying to take there's. I want to have my own lawns that I get on my own. I have been going door to door but I am not having much luck. any suggestions will be forever treasured!!
  2. LawnLad

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    Everyone starts somewhere... so don't give up. What your'e talking about is sales - and sales is a numbers game. There are many ways to get customers. Going door to door is one way.

    One key to being successful in selling is to find those that are ready to buy. People who have already made the buying decision but haven't found the provider will be the easiest to sell. Going door to door you may get the feeling that no one wants to buy from you. This doesn't mean they wouldn't buy from you it just means they aren't ready to buy. They don't have the need at the moment.

    People buy for many reasons. The more you learn about what motivates a person to buy the easier it will be to close the sale as you position yourself as a solution to their problems.

    Remember - it's all about numbers. Hypothetically if you put out 1,000 flyers you might get 1% return on calls. If you meet with 6 of these people and close the sale on 50% of your bids - that would be 3 new customers. You must track your return on these efforts so you can do the math in reverse. So if you determine that you need 30 new customers to meet your financial goals you'll need to put out 10,000 flyers.

    If you're more successful with your closing rate, or if you get more potential clients from a well designed flyer you'll increase your odds of adding customers with less effort.

    Don't get discouraged. Customers are looking for the right relationship depending on their needs. You need to figure out who your customer is (not just someone willing to pay for your services) and how you're going to go about getting them. This takes time - maybe a couple of seasons to figure out what works for you. Don't expect this to come all at once.

    Good luck getting some new customers - keep at it.
  3. lawnnewbie

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    Thanks a lot. It is really great having somewhere to go for information. Thank you guys keep up the good work
  4. BobR

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    It seems we all start the hard way, My first year I took any thing that came along and found I was doing way too much driving, reevaluated and elimated the 30 minute drives for 30 dollar lawns - just not cost effective.. Then I got lucky and landed a couple of small lawns in a prime location - these people were fussy and miserly - I gave them the best service they ever had for the price they were paying the other providers (cheap), after they saw what I could do and the compliments started coming from their friends the price started going up. Too make a long story short the miserly accounts are now paying better than the going rate and I have most of the quality lawns in the area.
    Neatness counts - equipment, you and the finished product
    Wear a uniform (cap, t-shirt, full liength jeans and work boots) be consistant (same color t shirts) stay away from the rainbow and advertising stuff (Nike etc) NO HOLES in clothing.
    Be polite to customers and neighbors (Good Morning Sir, Nice Day Isnt It) will go a long way - dont be a gossip just polite.
    Did'nt mean to sound like a mom.
    Good Luck
  5. pjslawncare/landscap

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    I too started like BobR, Now I have to turn away jobs to far out of my way. I find the best adverising to be word of mouth. If you do a great job ALL the time and do little extras for your customers, they brag and build your reputation. Best adverising and free (except hard work)LOL.
  6. lawnnewbie

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    Thanks everyone! Thank for the encouragement and advice
  7. Farmer Jon

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    yeah, i used to make the drive the first year too. but was able to give those lawns to others. i do alot of 'spot drop flyers'. if i see someones grass that is taller than a neighbors, they get a flyer. sometimes the customer is too busy or they're waiting for their mower to come back from the shop. it works for me alot, about 10% of the time. make sure your flyer has stuff like "one time services available" blah blah blah. you get the idea! also i don't know about you but bobR's post about jeans? no way in 1000yrs could i do that in my area. :blob2: i'd burst into flames. i have my help wear kaki shorts or pants and i even bought white company shirts for everyone. not only are we the only ones with white (they get dirty easy) but the coolest too! good luck!
  8. macmackgrass

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    You might want to try using tan shirts, doesn't show dirt as easy and it still stays cool. Just a suggestion. It works great for us even if we are still just starting out.
  9. djsmokin

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    I have gotten most of my customers from the newspaper. I tryed the flyers, and the door knocking but have had about one or two calls a day from the paper.

    Placed an ad in the classifed section under the service directory. Get several low price shoppers and some trash lawn folks but about 1 in 5 is a nice bid.

    Good luck. Dj

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