I think I need to move.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WHIPPLE5.7, May 28, 2008.

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    I just spent my whole morning and $40 in gas trying to get some new accounts or even one timers and got nothing. 1 in 6 houses haven't had their first cut of the year and they are 18" tall. Here is some of the excuses.
    1)I'm waiting on my neighbors son because he will it for $10
    2)I haven't pulled my mower out yet
    3)I'm happy with my current lawn guy(WTF 18"grass)
    4)My mower is in the shop

    I tried to talk them into even just one time because I knew their cheapass mowers would struggle very bad but still not a single job out of it. In fact some of them will let it go from summer to summer without a single mow. I think I'm ready to move because Montana hasn't been that great to me. My wife is from Bluefield Virginia and I was thinking we might head east. As it stands most of my accounts are 20 minutes away because I'm out in the country and nobody close to me hires out for mowing or anything for that matter. I'd like to move somewhere that people are not like this and have a tighter route but still have an acre or two. I'm not a city dweller. Why don't you guys help me pick a place. We like to hunt, camp, and ride ATVs. We used to have lots of places to ride ATVs but now all of the environmentalist have ruined that for us.
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    Move to florida their are tons of lawn companys and their is tons of lawn work...so its seems? I feel your pain i used to go case the neighborhoods looking for work only to be waisting gas & time only to get nothing, so now i just keep doing my routes and let the word of mouth & internet dwellers call me for work, otherwise i dont leave the house. It sucks for me to even fathem the thought of saying that but the way gas prices are going it just seem more profitable to sit at home and wait for a phone call for work or to get approached by a potential new customer while your out mowing then it is to go looking for new ones. just my 2pennies
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    I live North of Montana and every good customer that wanted lawn care is set up already. I've only cut once (this is my second week for cutting) and still have a few power raking jobs left but I'm not anticipating any decent new customers at this point.

    I actually just got sucked in to do a first cut that was WAY over grown and they are actually a previous customer from a couple years ago. I was to cut and power rake and continue cutting for the rest of the summer. It was long, so I cut and bagged it, Power raked it, bagged the thatch. Go to get paid and thier son has decided he will cut it for extra money this summer.

    They waited and waited, grass was 8 inches high when they phoned me. I relearned the lesson about taking over grown lawns at this time of year and the kind of people you usually meet, but at least it was a small job.
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    if you can stand the humidity, ARKANSAS is the NATURAL STATE. Atv's, hunting and fishing out the you know what. Lots of money in central arkansas AND in the northwest. Love it down here.

    At least come to visit. You'll enjoy yourself.
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  6. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Wow, that town does look like a joke. I'm better off here by far. How come not many people are on here from California? I could handle the northern part nicely other than all the emissions laws and other crap it seems nice.
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    i got several from the real estate agents same thing 1st cut of the season i get 125 to cut one time and weed whack and blow drive and walks. they look like crap but that all they want to pay for. i want to be the one moving next right down to mexico for good. its a pita ass to live around here

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