i think im going to be sued

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by terrapro, Nov 12, 2007.

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    last friday i was winterizing a rose garden. the customer wanted individual baskets put on the roses and a silt fence put up around the bed. i was almost done with the fence and the customers daughter came out and told me that i must have knocked out the cable tv. i was surprised and confused because i hadnt touched a shovel all day. sure as spit though i had completely severed a coaxial with a wooden stake from the silt fence. the coaxial was only buried around 3 inches deep. i have ran coaxial many times before so i made an attempt to repair. for the life of me it would not work, i replaced and redid the connection 4 times. at this point it was dark and i had been in the rain for 2 hours trying to repair this at least temporarily until a professional could get there.

    today i had to stop back by to check on everything and finish up. when i got there i saw the new line ran from the pole but it was still laying on the ground. the husband had just came home for lunch and i chated with him for a few and he seemed a little irritated about the whole thing but i had spoke with him sunday and all seemed well. his wife came out a moment later and started ummm she was not happy. the husband just left and i finished up my work and left.

    my contract says im not liable for unforseen damages while and after work is being performed. these are good customers, i dont want to lose them. i have emailed my insurance agent and am waiting a reply from her.

    what should i do? any tips let me know please
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    are you crazy!!! you wont get sued over that i highly highly doubt they even had to pay a dime!! the only way at all you might have to is because you didn't call miss dig but i think the fact that it was only 3'' down will get you out of any trouble. trust me i have cut cable lines sooooooooo many times phone lines sooooooo many times and NEVER have paid a dime nor have any of my customers. don't even worry one bit, say sorry it was a accident and thats that.
  3. terrapro

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    i wasnt digging so i never even guessed this would happen. i guess im going to call for everything now
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    First of all cable companies would rather just bury the lines a couple of inches and expect them to be cut sometime in the future. Cheaper to repair them than it is to bury them a foot or more. Second, if you do cut catv wire no one will get hurt, unlike burried power lines. last, if you call before you dig, chances are they will not even mark the catv lines. So relax, you have nothing to worry about. :dancing:
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    The cable company came out and made a splice to repair it and the reason you still see the line on top is that another sub comes out to burying it at 3" below grade(again)! It's the cable company's to deal with. If they wanting it to be safe from most hazards they'd bury it 12" or more.

    BTW, the wife is looking for a reason to chisel you on the bill. Believe me, your splice would not have been waterproof and buried in silicone like the cable company's. The client was a little inconvenienced but out ZERO $$. DON'T let them take any money off the bill since they won't be able to show any bill for repairs. Your clause covers it anyway. Call the repair dept of the cable company to confirm if need be. Don't sweat it at all. :drinkup: In the future don't even waste time to attempt to fix this. Did you get paid for your time??!! Did the client have someone come out to mark all the line on their property before you did the work?? Who then is responsible? Not you.
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    I used to be a cable guy and couldn't tell you how many trouble calls I did where a contractor cut the drop. I only billed a couple of contractors for the repairs and that's only because they couldn't care less what they cut and didn't get locates and the cable was buried deep enough. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    At the worst, you pay the cable bill
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    Usually there is no charge from the cable co. when they have to replace a damaged cable. I have aerated a lawn, cut the cable and offered to pay the charge, but there was none. I think they feel like it is a part of business since they do not bury it more than 2-3 inches.
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    I was in the process of renovating a residential site a couple of years ago and had a somewhat similar experience.
    In my case the cable line was lying on top of the soil, in the customers yard and I called the cable company to move the line.
    They refused.
    I called two more times telling them by a certain date this line was going to be in my way. They never showed.
    So I ripped that line out with my power box rake - and ended up shredding over three hundred feet of line and severing cable to all of the houses on that street.
    Customers were cranked, I mean REALLY CRANKED.
    Cable company tried to bill me over a grand for the repair so I got code enforcement involved.
    Didn't pay a dime, cable company got their johnson whacked by the city and my client was very happy with our work.
    I'd say too you, don't worry about it and DO NOT LOWER your bill.
    You didn't install the line, your client's knew about this and are trying to screw you out of money.
    Give up on this and where do you draw the line?

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