I think I'm going to buy a Walker in the Spring...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by martyman, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. martyman

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    Money is an issue (can't afford a diesel). The machine the dealer showed me yesterday is a 18hp Kohler with a 42" deck. I've been using a 34Z Gravely for three years now and I'm hoping to get into the more rich area's. The main problem I have is that I have a jeep and a 6'x10' so most of the season I would have to leave the chute open on the back of a walker until fall. The last time I was on a Walker was over 10 years ago and I think it was a really small engine and we beat the snot out of it :hammerhead: doing every horrible commercial property full of litter. I alway's make a decision and mid season I kick myself for not investing in a little bit better equipment (my blower is weak and my trimmer is the cheapest commercial model). I just bought a new Toro 21" 4cycle and it's great for mulching and bagging leaves, so I'm hoping a Walker will be a good investment...I just can't decide deck size (because of trailer) or if I should spend that much on a machine that most of the season I can't collect the grass. I remember the old Walker scuffing the lawn like my Gravely does, is that still a problem?

    Thanks if you can help...
  2. dave k

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    I would go with more HP, 20HP to start with and more if you can, I have a 42" GHS but if I had to do it all over again, 48" is the way to go. I use the old style mulching deck and with Gator style blades work a lot better than the Walker ones. Walker has a new style mulching deck out with wavy blades, it should work good in Northern Grasses, demo one if you can. The Walker cut is great, no scalping, plus an advantage you can raise the front up or back up just buy pulling the pins to set the height.
    Just wish they would make a deeper deck, are you listening Bob Walker??? To make the stripe look better you can get the dual wheel set up as well. Good luck to you.
  3. Ron's Lawncare

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    i also think a 48'' 20 hp ''mt20ghs''should be the minimum you should think of. the model t tractor is the heavier duty machine.
  4. walker/redmax

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    I second that!:D
  5. tallimeca

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    I urge you to check out the 20 hp Exmark Navigator with the 42" Deck.

    Either way, you should be happy.
  6. Willofalltrades

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    Walkers are very good mowers. I have a MTGHS. That is a 26hp EFI model. New this machine retails for around $10,600 I got mine with 100 hours on it for $7000 and it came with a 42" mulch deck as well as a 48"GHS. Point is: If money is tight, like it was in my case, just be patient and keep your eyes open. Eventually a nice barely used unit with little hours will appear.


    I have demod the same setup you listed before (MCGHS with a 42" deck). The deck was the new mulch deck. I must say that I was impressed. When you slow take it easy, the deck left a comparable cut to the GHS deck. I did not like the power though. If the yards you are cutting are small (I think they are since you use a 34Z) Then this machine will be great for you. It is more than capable of really leaving a nice finish. The GHS is god sent. I wasn't please with all the clipping I had to haul away in spring and summer, but when fall hit and leaves dropped is when I fell in love. I raise the front of the deck and go through 6" of leaves like nothing was even there. This machine makes fall cleanups very easy. If you wait they will be making the MCGHS a 20 hp soon (I think '07 actually) so it will get a power boost (and a bigger blower maybe). Make sure you get a machine that can handle growth too. If you limit yourself to a MC there are some attachments and decks you can't run. I love my Larger catcher (9.5 B) and low profile tires.
    If you plan on using this machine to please high end residential customers that is exactly what you will do!

    BTW: A Walker scalp? ha yea, in your dreams! lol
  7. ed2hess

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    If this statement means you are going to use a bagging deck and leave the back of the bin open so grass blows through, you aren't going to like that very much. It blows grass everywhere worse than side discharge, but you can get this device made by walker that will direct the grass down a little bit. We found that if the grass is very tall this technique don't leave a very nice lawn
  8. cantoo

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    Martyman, the 20 hp 48" deck is likely what you need for your properties. If it's too big you can always buy a used 42" deck anywhere and you will still have enough power to run it. We have the rear discharge chute but it ain't worth much it leaves little windrows if the grass is long. You might have better luck with one of the mulching decks if you cut often enough and keep the urea use down.
    There are few used Walkers for sale in Ontario at reasonable prices at Dealers anyway. Are you handy, can you fix stuff yourself? If you can then consider the auction route Jutzi's in Breslau usually has a couple in the spring sale. I have been considering buying a couple more to have around for sale and as back up units. We only have one right now and I hate the thought of being without it even for a few days. Check out Kitchener Tractor they have great mechanics and stand behind everything they sell. The price will be higher but they will have fixed whatever needed to be fixed on the used units. Give me a shout if you need anything.
  9. ASBK

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    Hey bud, :canadaflag: I have a 6x10 enclosed trailer as well and I cant imagine trying to stuff a Walker in there.

    What about a stander? It will take up less room in the trailer. And they have got to be cheaper then the Walker. Then get yourself a better blower or whatever for clean ups .

    If you only have a Jeep where are you going to put all the leaves and grass you collect anyway?

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