I think its Brown Patch?

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    I don't treat for lawn fungi, but I seeded my own lawn about 3 weeks ago and I noticed several spots about the size of a doughnut, where the grass has turned black and died. Also, I can see small web-like areas at the base of the grass, looks like frost growing on the blade. Monday and Tuesday we had a really, really humid air mass and rain both days. After this is when I noticed it.

    This is the first time I have seen this. Can I spray anything on it this early to stop it? Treatment?
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    Gray leaf mold.........on cool season grass.

    Check this site out for possible hosts and identification. There is more accurate sites with photos, so do some home work on cool season turf grasses.

    Propiconazole, chlorthalonil, pacloburtazole, is some of the treatment chemicals.
    Most of these isn't too cheap, so if you are doing your own lawn, you can go to the local big ticket stores and purchase OTC products to do small areas.
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    Thanks for that info, after a little more searching, I believe its this guy...


    Would JDL carry the products to treat it you think?
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    Yes if you overseeded with Ryegrass pythium is most likely what you have. Yes Jdl should carry what you need they may also have granular subdue very easy to apply.
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