I Thought Everyone May Get A Kick Outa This

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Kkane97, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Kkane97

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    Back in 2010 I had only 3 accounts and pushing my only 21" mower with my blower in one hand and my trimmer balanced on top of my mower was just way to hard. I watched craigslist for a week or so and picked up a garden trailer with a bent hitch for $20 I fixed the hitch by heating it and whacking with a hammer and voila! a perfect landscaping trailer. Me being 13 at the time I had no other wheels besides my bike and my sisters old bike, so naturally I "sacraficed" her bike to become my "truck". I drew up a simple hitch in sketchup and had a friend weld it up for me. I towed this trailer all over town and got some weird looks but it worked great for me!




    I thought you older people in the business may get a kick out of it, or maybe some other young kids like me would get some inspiration to make something like it on their own!




  2. S-205

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    Ingenuity, I like it! Good to see more young guns working hard.
  3. Kkane97

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    Thanks A.T.T. ! I realized this year that my 33" walk behind would be just a LITTLE bit to hard to tow around :p
  4. Kkane97

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    I found a couple pics of the hitch attachment before I mounted it on my bike :)



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  5. TX Easymoney

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    KKane-we used a troybuilt for several years...just had to reinforce the handles and replace the blades often-go get a scag, you'll be so happy you did
  6. mtmower

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    Sweet!Thumbs Up
  7. Kkane97

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    Hey Weekend thanks for the input my plans for this season are to get a bigger and newer mower at the end of the season. As this is my first walkbehind I wanted to go small to try it out then upgrade :). I have noticed what you said about reinforcing the bars, do you have any ideas on doing so?
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  8. Kkane97

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    Sold this hitch the other day for 50 bucks :waving:
  9. Bowhog1

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    If gas keeps going up do you think you could build me one to handle a 6 x 12 trailer ?
  10. Darryl G

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    I wouldn't hesitate to use something like that, even though I have a truck. I've been known to show up to estimates on my bike if it's local and to show up in a station wagon if that's all I need for the job.

    When I was a teen I pulled the family push mover around town...one hand on the mower and one hand on the bike handlebar with a 1 gallon gas can bungie corded to the mower handle.

    My son was doing yard work out of his Mazda Miata over the summer. Split-boom multi-tools fit fine in the trunk.
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