I thought I was decent at math, but now realize I'm stupid

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ron95gt, May 16, 2006.

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    I need help here guys. I've got 5 acres of weeds, and up close to the house I've got St. "A" plugs growing in different sized and shaped patches, along with with Zenith zoysia in another patch out back.
    I have alot of weeds that have materialized, intermixed amongst my St. "A" transplants. I have some Trimec Southern I wanna try on it. Obviously, removing the crap will let the St. "A" spread unimpeded in the full sun I have here.
    Now, the part where I'm stupid, that you've been waiting for. I have a 26 gallon tank sprayer in the back of the 4 wheeler, and an ortho hose end sprayer.
    1)The ortho says ever how many "ounces per 100 gallons". I would like to spray some of that "Roots Fe 8%" thru that. The book talks of an "ounce per 1,000 ft".
    2)The Trimec says mix 1/3 oz. to 1/2 oz. per 1,000 ft. I was gonna use the tank sprayer and shoot the patches of plugs. Some areas of St. "A" are getting pretty sizeable.
    Now, will somebody please tell me how in the hell to convert these measurements? What in the heck setting do I use on the ortho to shoot the iron, when the sprayer talks in 100 gallons, and the chemical speaks of feet?
    For the Trimec in the tank sprayer, how many gallons of water do I mix with how much Trimec. I want to error on the side of caution(weak mixture) obviously, but I haven't a clue what setting or what mixture. It's not practical at all to figure out the squ.feet of oddball sized plugs in the ground.
    Anybody been there, done that, and care to enlighten an obvious idiot.
    Oh yeah, while I'm at it. Is there an easy way to determine which "brand" of St. "A" I have? I've looked at the pics online, and can't tell differentiate between them. My plugs have been handed down thru the family, which we got from a neighbor 35 years ago. The Trimec says don't use on Floratim at all. Duh! Please help straighten out a dumbass. Thanks.
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    ok, so to convert gallons to feet, you need a common denominator and that is time. Let's start with that hose end sprayer. What you need to figure out is, how many gallons per minute does that put out(time it for 15 seconds into a bucket and X that by 4 to get your per minute rate) Now, walk with with hose end sprayer at your normal walking speed while spraying for 15 secs, measure the distance and width you covered(X4) and now you have have sq feet per minute. Now you can measure gallons per 1000 sq feet using time and make your mix accordingly. For the atv sprayer, same thing, stay in one gear, measure the width of the spray and the distance travelled, then measure the flow(per minute) and you can figure out how many gallons per 1000 that sprayer is putting down(and it will likely fall into the .25-.75 gal per 1000, depending on how slow you are driving). Once you know how to measure what your equipment will deliver, then you can figure rates from the label. As far as identifying your augustine, you'll need one of the southern boys to help you out on that, uncommon grass here in the west.

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