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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mbricker, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Everyone has heard of someone doing this, but probably has not done it or actually seen someone else do it.

    I had a dead tree that needed to come down, but it leaned towards my garage. I estimated the height, and was pretty sure it would reach the garage roof when dropped. So I needed to tie onto it to pull it away from the garage with the pickup when cutting it. There was a fork about 25 feet up, and I had a small grapple on about 70 foot of rope. Trouble was, I could not get the grapple through the fork.

    So I tried something we have all heard about, but probably few have actually ever done. I got out my bow, tied a nylon string to a junk arrow, and fired it through the fork. Took 3 tries, because the first 2 times the string fouled on a branch sticking out from a neighboring tree. But I cut that off with a pole pruner, and third time did it. Tied the string to the rope, pulled the grapple up into the fork, tied the rope to the pickup, and cut the tree most of the way, with the notch in the direction I wanted the tree to fall, about 90 degrees away from the direction of the lean.

    When I pulled the tree down with the pickup, it did not fall quite the direction I hoped. It fell about 60 degres from the direction of the lean, and hung in another tree. So I had to re-tie to the pickup and pull it out of the other tree.

    Overall, the results were a bunch better than dropping it through the garage roof, or just waiting until it rotted enough to fall on the garage, or paying someone with a bucket truck. No one was around to get any pictures, and my wife had the digital camera with her at school anyway. So I'm sorry, no pics to illustrate this.
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    They make a slingshot that fits on a fibergalss pole (lay-up stick) .It comes with a bean bag with a eyelet in it. Put your string on and... PULL!
    I've shot those things 75-100 ft through thick vines and limbs. Really helpful tool to have.

    Grass Cake
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    Yes my buddy has a tree company and at times when I help him out we have to through the bean bag with a mason's string trough some branches to help pull the tree in the direction that it needs to fall instead of on a house or fence. It works great but sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it into a evergreen or through thich branches.
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    That bean bag will go through more than just thick vines and limbs :D
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    "Yes Mrs. Jones, the glass guy is already enroute." :p
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    something like that :angel:
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    Yeah like they all say. Dont throw stones in a glass house.
    I have stuck more than a few arrows in roofs. Though it is easier to retreive an arrow off a roof than climb a tree.
  9. General Landscaping

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    I made up a Monkey's fist with a cut-off 2'' trailer ball inside.

    Monkey's fist

    It took a good hour or so to get it looking right and fitting tight, but it will tow a 3/8" rope up 30' high with a good swing.

    If I recall correctly, it wound took 6 loops of 3/8" three strand twisted all the way around to get complete coverage.
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    Man, I've cut many a tree down that way in my lifetime.

    I've done it all sorts of ways... even with a team of horses back in the day.

    As the years went by and I picked up some more modern equipment I learned that winching them is the best method. But cutting trees is the one field where nothing can replace a great deal of hands on experience.... and friends, I have more experience than I want.

    Glad I don't do that stuff anymore.

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