I Turned Over My Super Surfer Today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SEALAWNMANAGEMENT, Jul 27, 2007.


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    I was loading my 36" super surfer back on the trailer today and flipped it over. I have a side gate on my trailer and if the ground isn't level the gate can be steep. I knew it was to steep after I took it off. It was my fault for being lazy and not moving to a better place to load it. My question is if there is anything not easily visible I should check for damage? The only thing visible was the hydraulic reservoir cap was broke(which Was $16 to replace)?
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    Let it sit for a good long while to let the oil settle. When you do start it, it's probably going to smoke like crasy for a few minutes while it burns off the oil that was dumped into the combustion chamber. Afterwards make sure you check the oil level. Just visually inspect it then, particuarly where/what hit the ground and see what happens. It should be ok.
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    holy Crap Man........... I guess your ok....

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    I've used the Everride and Great Dane standers. Always back up your trailer ramp if possible.

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    This has been the only problem I have had with it. Normaly it is no problem to load and unload. I mowed with it today and it did fine.

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