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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 10, 2004.

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    does she get a refund? here's the scoop: customer signed a contract for weekly mowing, fall leaf pickup, full fert program (1 pre em/crab, 1 broadleaf weed, 1 grub, 4 ferts, 1 lime) . the fert program was pre pay. i completed- 1 pre em/crab, 1 broadleaf weed, 2 ferts. lawn was mowed weekly and paid for during april, may, half of june. with no notice to me they began home improvement construction june 10th, and just finished aug. 1st. from june 10th-aug. 1st lawn was not accessible, contruction equipment and materials all over lawn. despite many attempts to contact them, i recieved no replies. i went by last week, saw the husband out there with a push mower. i recently recieved a letter, " bob, do to financial reasons, we have decided to now care for our own lawn. please refund the un used portion of our fert program." my reply letter: " dear sir, your contract clearly stated that the lawn would be mowed weekly. it also clearly stated that in the event the lawn was inaccessable, i would be notified at least 24 hrs in advance. there were 8 scheduled mowings that could not be completed due to the turf area being covered with building materials/machinery. these 8 weeks need to be paid for, as the trip over was made on all 8 scheduled weeks, and despite numerous attempts to contact you, i recieved no notification of cancellation. the unused part of your pre paid fert program covers these 8 weeks down to the nickle. thank you."
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    Bobby, I don't think I would give a refund on the fert. if they owe you for 8 weeks of money for the mowing. I think you are right in sending them a letter back explaining why you are keeping their money, but that is all you should have to do.
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    was watching the yankee game......

    yes, he could get the repair work, but if he stated in his contract about missed cuts due to their cause, then technically, he should be paid for it........ if things are done by the book. so even if he did make money on the repair, on paper he'd still be lost on the 8 cuts.

    Even if the customer disagrees, they signed contract they obviously didn't read. others, including myself might bend, which is not a good thing.
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    Hmmm, A guy tells the truth and gets his post deleted..........

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    What the "F" happened? There were like 10 responses.. now only 2. Too much sensorship..........................
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    Adam, I'm sure you don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

    Once again. He shot himself in the foot.

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  8. GeeVee

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    I agree. Bet there wont be an explanation.
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    we're not talking about me. I can be more of a pushover cause i don't want to be bothered.

    but once again.... technically, by the book, with a signed contract, he should get paid. period.
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    If you need a contract to ensure you are getting paid, You aint doin it right........

    To each his own.

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