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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Lawnworks, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Lawnworks

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    Well I want a skid steer. I already have a Dingo tracked mini skid, so I want something w/ some balls. I am considering 1800-3000 ROC skid. I guess I just don't want to buy a 1800 ROC skid and wish I had bought a bigger one. What are the downfalls of a bigger machine? bigger footprint? Will a S185 pick-up a pallet of sod? How much better are the bigger machines (s250,s300) at grading?

    I have pretty much decided I want a wheeled-unit. I really don't want to spend more than 20k on a skid. I would love a tracked unit, but it sounds like undercarriages and tracks can cost you a small fortune after 1500 hours or so.

    I almost bought a s250 w/ 200hrs on ebay for 20k the other day, but it sold for 20,100.
  2. AWJ Services

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    You already have a mini skid so there is no reason too get a small skid steer.

    I would recomend at least an S 220 size or bigger.

    ROC has nothing to do with grading.
    It in my opinion is worthless in reference too a machines ability.
  3. Lawnworks

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    Weight and hp are the determining factors? I wish I could afford an A300... they look like a great machine.
  4. AWJ Services

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    You will find that machines tend too excel in different areas.

    You need too decide what your needs are.

    Big machines really have no down fall in my opinion except for weight.
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    Lawnworks, I read an interesting article at equipmentworld.com....the Nov issue entitled "compact focus"(4th heading down on the left side of the page) which will give you alot of information about skids in general and stats on the difference in productivity and costs of owning a wheel vs. tracked machine. They talk in generic terms and don't push one brand or another. I believe a real key to skids is determining very specifically what your jobs have been and what they may be tomorrow and then, no matter what brand you choose.....purchase price and operating cost. I see alot of guys buying a new piece of iron for 30-40 and they could have got a great used one for 10. For your first machine, you have got to really protect your pocket book and bottom line.
  6. Lawnworks

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    I will check out that article. How many hours is too many hours? 3000? From what I hear these things are expensive to repair.

    I am not in a hurry to buy... I cruise ebay every day... somebody is going to give one away one of these days.
  7. AWJ Services

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    If you are buying one too keep for an extended time I would shoot for less than 1000 hours.

    If it has some hours on it I would give a hands on inspection before purchasing it no matter how cheap.

    Iron Planet is a really good online auction because of the much more thorough inspection they give on the machine.

    Every area in the USA seems to be particular strong in a certain brand.

    They are all represented well in Atlanta for instance.
    Parts and service for any brand is available.
  8. yamadooski

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    We just went through what you are going through right now. We didnt know which one to get.
    For me a s250 works great but for my buddy, we split the cost of one, it wasnt big enough to carry a pallet of pavers.

    S we ended getting a used 873 for 11k. It needed some repairs to be perfect.
    We sunk 3k into it and its like brand new.

    The next cheapest 873 we could find anywhere that was in good working condition was 18k. So feel we did ok. It only needs a paint job and a new seat. It has 2300 hours.
    I have seen some with over 4000 hours for much more than we paid for.

    It seems as if Florida's Bobcats hold value a little better than other parts of the country.
    I found a few in Indiana that were cheaper but factor in gas and time it wasnt worth it, plus get all the way up there and it could be in crappy condition.

    Do beware on ebay there is some guy that says buy it now and the price is way low on the "S" models. Either they are stolen or its a scam.
    Just be careful.
  9. Lawnworks

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    What is ROC of an 873? ECS is on my wish list. I checked out ironplanet and it looks like I should be able to find a decent deal on there. That oil sample report is just crazy.

    Yeah there is so many scams on ebay it is unreal. The first sign to me is the "pre-approved bidder auctions"... what a bunch of horse crap. The second chance offers are ridiculous also. I bid on about 1 skid a day, and I will probably get 100 second chance offers in a week. Bunch of scammers for sure, but at the same time you can find smokin deals on ebay... I mean smokin. It is all about patience and persistence.
  10. dozerman21

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    Yeah, I saw a T-300 recently on ebay and you could only "Buy It Now" for something like $6,000. It was a scam. Make sure the person has a legitimate address, or that he's not overseas.

    If you're buying used, you should be able to find a nice late model bigger machine under 1,000 hours for $20K or less. If the jobs you do don't require you to have a smaller machine due to weight issues or width, I would get the biggest machine you can. That way you don't regret it later on. I would stay with a wheeled machine if possible. It's a lot harder to find a good used CTL in the same price range, and unless your jobs require you to have one, the wheeled skid will hold up longer if you're running on pavement a lot. I have a CTL and they're great, but 95% of my work is in the dirt.

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