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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by siclmn, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. siclmn

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    After going to 4 dealers in the Bellevue Washington area not a one can tell me if the 37 inch mulching deck is still avail. They all say to get the welded deck and add the mulch kit. I think the dedicated curved mulching deck must be better for our damp grass and I just need an answer.
  2. Rick Jones

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    I bought a Toro 36" Hydro back in the Spring. Seems to be a lot of dealer confusion regarding this product and exactly what options are available. I opted for the T-Bar Hydro with the Classic (SFS) floating deck. It was the only T-Bar, floating deck, hydro-drive model available. The other models used an Exmark style fixed deck. I have seen the 37" in prior years, but it was not in the '03 catalog, and I didn't see it at any dealers.

    I wonder if Toro is going to use their new Turbo Force decks on the walk-behinds. Those look like a big improvement over the SFS!
  3. Ryan Lightning

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    Theres a few of them at my dealer, But they could be left over.
  4. Clay

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    Hey there Remo...

    I'm a fellow Northwest coast guy transplanted from Vegas 4 years ago.... I had a 37" dedicated mulching deck paired with a 20hp Kohler tractor... I can tell you that the 37" mulcher is a power hog and you will surely be disappointed trying to mulch wet rye in the Northwest (especially with a 15hp Kohler)...

    I have opted for the Exmark 36" hydro w/proslide and the 15 Kawi twin.... I have the mulching kit, but usually try to discharge or use the Accelerator bag and leave to muclhing to the 21" Toro... The bigger decks sure make a mess trying to mulch most of the year...

    The toro dedicated mulcher worked well in Vegas with dry fescue, but ALL the decks get gummed up with wet Rye... The Toro deck uses kicker plates, but they just become negated as the clippings stick to the bottom creating a smooth, shallower deck.... I too would suggest you opt for the deeper welded deck as I also own a Toro Z with the stamped... The Exmark provides a better deck for our needs...

    Good Luck, Clay

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