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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swbluto, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hello all! So far, my business has a total of 8 regular customers that we got within 2 weeks, and I'm looking for more! I have a goal of 30 by the end of this month and I'm looking for a way to "fast track" that. Anybody have any good ideas?

    So far, we've been handing out advertisements and I've been handing out about 200 door-hangers a day on average. I really hope to increase that to 600 a day (On sunny days, lol), but I'm experimenting with the ad to maximize our call back rate. Right now, it seems our ads average about 1 call back per 200 delivered which seems fairly low... anyone have any good ideas to improve that?

    I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking about going door to door or do some cold-calling. I was also thinking about doing lawns for free that happen to be near busy streets in exchange for putting up signs. Anyone know if signs actually work? Do they *have* to be situated near an intersection with a stop-light or stop-sign?

    I'm looking for ideas of any and all types to get more customers and I want a lot. Like, 100s of customers.
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    All I can say is, GOOD LUCK. There's no magic wand you can wave and poof, you have 100 customers. It will take years to grow enough to gain that.
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    don't offer anything for free....you will never get to fair market price if your start at free....plus your are selling yourself short.

    As far as handing out door hangers /advertisements, its a numbers game.
    We have the great advantage of having inhouse marketing so we have great mailers.ads and door hangers. We usually can hand out 100 and get 6-10 calls, and close on 3-6 of those.

    Good luck
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    If I had a landscape company call me "out of the blue" just to see if I needed any services, they would be immediately hung up on and I probably wouldn't ever choose them to do a job around my house should I have a job for them. Cold calling makes you more like a tele-marketer, I can't stand getting calls from tele-marketers.

    You could offer a referral program for your current customers. Give them some type of incentive for having their friends/neighbors hire you.
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    enroll your company in google places. select the towns you service. so when a potential client googles lawn service in xyz town, they will see your website, company name, contact info
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    Hint: I think 30 customers by the end of the year is still quite the admirable goal.
    Hint, hint.

  7. ;). I like the idea that "mailers ads and door hangers" are a numbers game, because then if I put out enough, I should get back enough calls. But, wow! 3-6 closes out of 100 ads? What's your secret? With that kind of redemption rate, I'd be up to 100 customers in no time!

    Here's our ad that seems to have a redemption rate of 1 customer out of 200 ads distributed. Our most recent test distribution had a price of $14 per lawn (The lawns in the neighborhood were small) and we distributed 200 and got 1 call back. I distributed 200 more today, and got zero call backs. I'm going to distribute 200 tomorrow using the $19 price and the lawns in the neighborhood are "medium sized".


    These are printed out in black and white on white card stock, and then I custom cut it and drill it and attach it to the door handle using rubber bands (So it doesn't fall it off when the wind blows). Is there a way to improve this ad?

    The average temperature in my area during the summer is 60-70 degrees and so everyone loves to mow their own lawn, so I'm guessing that might be why our callback rates suck.
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    where are you located?
  9. :laugh:. Pessimistic, lately?
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    Oh, I see what you're doing...

    Well, I tell you the secret...

    You just have to keep putting out 200 / day, every day.
    Until you hit your goal.

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