I want less foclosures and more contract properties

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thegrassbarber, Aug 5, 2012.

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    No, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence, it only looks that way... With contract properties there is always all the little extras that eat into the profit, you're not doing all those little extras for the banks, you might only be getting a $20 here and there but it's raw numbers and you can be in and out of those places in no time, all you have to do right now is make sure the county doesn't stick the property with paperwork (and fines), contracted properties are a lot more finicky than that... Just saying.
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    Yeah i have to cut in lynchburg, im going up there tomorrow, and its two and a half hours from me, granted i have 20 to cut up there, but your right i could get alot more from others i just dont want to tell the company i work for that they need to pay me more and then someone else take everything away from me, it takes so long to get accepted as a vendor in most companies that it would be next year before i was cutting agian, and i really dont want to get rid of the two employees i have, cause they have worked for me over five years now, and they are really good workers, and thats hard to find anymore. But I could make it on my contracts alone, and lay those two off. But it would be a struggle.
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    I agree, its nice to not have to send out invoices to 200 more customers, its really the travel that kills me, i travel 2or 3 hours to cut sometimes. when i do travel i wont do it unless there is at least 15 or 20 cuts on the route. But thats the reason I got involved with these guys in the first place. I dont have to spend the amount of time on the propeties as i do my contracts, and they still look very nice in the end and i dont have to worry about regular client problems and issues. Thanks for the possitive reply
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    What part of lynchburg
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    When landscaper's stop being low baller's then the banks and real estates will have to pay a fair wage.

    When a business is built on low balling it leaves one with very little options.

    For me the decision to not work cheap just to get work meant that I got and keep my pt evening job.

    All I know is that my equipment is not going to wear out faster then I can afford to replace it because I avoid all of the low profit margin work that will cover the gas and oil but not the repair and replacement cost.

    Not a good place to be when your profits are not enough to stay in business once your equipment takes a dirt nap (reaches the end of it's life).
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    All over. They are all like 5 min apart
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