I Want My Grass Cut On Friiiday!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jasonnau, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. jasonnau

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    You know, this is just my peve, but I'm really getting sick of the cutomers who have to have there grass cut on Friday. Everyone wants their grass cut on Friday. The other day a customer called to say the yard looked great, but wanted to know if a monday cut was going to be the norm. I told him that in the spring, I get it when I can. Also, I don't gurarantee any day of the week. I usually mow your neighborhood towards the end of the week I say. He replys, if It can't be mowed on friday, we'll have to come up with some other arrangements........ Hmm, like a new lco to mow your f'in grass. I go out of the way for my customers all of the time. I can understand wanting your lawn to look good for the weekend, but, how in the world can a person mow all of his accounts on Friday!!!! Do you call the roofers and say, ya know, I want my roof done on friday. No!!!! I can't be running all over town breaking up my route for friday cuts.
    Any advice?

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    That's a good 1 we get that all the time,and they all want something a little extra it was got so competitive and cut throat.
  3. Roger

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    I've been in this business for eight seasons, and I had a couple of requests during last season, "Can you change the day you mow?" Never before that time had I got such a request. Now, this season, I've had several requests, and I'm having a hard time accomodating everybody. My requests have been a bit more forgiving, "...Thursday or Friday."

    I saw posts on LS in the past, charing premium for these two days. I never thought anything about it because it was never an issue, ... until now. I am accomodating all but two, but it means returning to those neighborhoods twice during the week. Over the years, I've been able to consolidate customers, saving drive time. I work solo, average mowing size is 25K sq ft, 37 customers. I don't have any slack time, maxed out to 60-70 hours, over six days.

    I've already committed prices for this season, but may want to reconsider next year. For those charging premiums for certain days, how do you deal with side-by-side customers, one of which is willing to pay, the other, not?
  4. 65hoss

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    Say NO!! No way you can do that.
    1. Rains on Thurs and Friday, you are screwed. Then they don't want it done on monday, so they expect you to wait another week until friday.
    2. I tell people I guarentee nothing on fridays. No way to predict and you could have been rained out the first of the week.
    3. Its your route and schedule. You start changing it will cost you more money. Expenses go up, so does their price.

    In short, just say no. If they walk...so what. Good riddance. If you don't control your business, it will control you.
  5. naturescaretaker

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    When I sign new customers I always put in writing what their scheduled date is going to be and that if a special occasion comes up they can request a different date with a 7 day advance notice. It has worked well for that last 10 years.
  6. CamLand

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    I've been lucky and only had that happen once.I told the guy best I can do is Thursday that thats the only day I'm in the area.He has been with me now for 5 years..Still on Thursdays
  7. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    Ive lost numerous potential accounts because of this kind of thing. The only time I bend is when one of my customers says to me that they would like their grass cut closer to the weekend. I tell them I will probably be there on a xday or yday, but if my schedule permits I will try to fit you in as close to the weekend as I can. This actually works out great. If I get a little behind, I just skip over that customer and it helps me get back on track. Then I go and cut the skipped customer when I finish all my other accounts. Works out for both of us.
  8. GrassBustersLawn

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    First I tell them...with gas prices the way they are, I have to do ALL the houses in one area at the SAME TIME/SAME DAY. HOWEVER, if you want a Thursday mow it will cost $10 extra...a FRIDAY mow is $15 extra. That puts it back to them, PUT UP THE EXTRA MONEY OR SHUT UP!!!

  9. greenwithenvylandscape

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    My Thurs and Fri have been booked for years and I tell new people it may take a couple of seasons to get them to Thurs or Fri.
  10. Gene $immons

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    I've lost accounts over this too. If I can do it on a Friday, I will. If it is out of the way, I explain that to them.

    I also like "can you mow every 10 days?' Yea right...

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