I want my irrigation license!

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    Well let's see, I built my own home, do all my own mechanical work, and installed a sprinkler system at the age of 16 that still works fine. Irrigation is not complex and even a teenager can learn how to do it. When that same sprinkler system runs the sidewalks and street remain dry, and no dead spots appear in the lawn. My dad and I even pounded in the well ourselves with a tripod made from 2 x 4's and a stack of weights on a bar! Most of the contractors I see have low-paid, low skill labor doing the work anyway. You do not need years of training to run a trencher, glue pipes and screw in heads. Simple math and common sense along with a piece of paper is all that is necessary to lay out a good system. Are you guys using multivariable calculus to calculate flow? Are you even using bernoulli's equation to calculate pressure drops? I think not. Licensing is just to limit competition, plain and simple. If the quality of work really mattered you would not see homes with plumbing problems, roof problems or being damaged by storms or termites.
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    Z turn

    Doesn't the customer have that type of Opposition now?? They can go with the word of mouth guy that has the reputation, or they can go with the guy advertising in the Penny Saver. It really doesn't matter to most customers if you have a fancy License. It is the quality of work and in some cases the feeling they are getting the job cheaper because there is no license.

    Funny story here. Had a guy approach me while I was Spraying Ants. Told me right off he would pay cash and didn't need an invoice and wouldn't tell my boss. I charge him 150% of my normal price and he is happy because he thinks I am cheating my boss. Someday he will find out I am the Boss and he "F" himself trying to get over.
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    Tallrick & South Florida Lawns

    Guys The Law is the Law and you or I can't change it. So STOP CRYING about the law and get off your dead center and find some way to use the system to your advantage. HELLO I DID.

    I just Hired a guy part time and gave him a Spray card. I had to provide 40 hours of training before issuing that applicators Card under the law. 38 of those training hours were directly related to Chapter 482 and how it applies to each situations. The system is a bear until you get on the band wagon and use it to your advantage not the systems advantage.
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    I can see the points both of you are making. I guess I just keep hoping that some day quality would ALWAYS pay better than crap, maybe a pipe dream I guess. I know when I am talking to customers about head to head coverage and separating landscape and turf zones they just look at me with that glassy eyed stare and then say - yea but what's your best price ;)
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    To use the system forget about working and enter politics. Why work for a living when you can steal with impunity? As for me I will continue to my own work. All I am trying to do is prove that a license does not guarantee quality. I have always been disappointed when I allow licensed contractors to do work for me.
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    Z Turn

    So you have seen Dan B, Billy S and R&K Plateau to Plateau 3 zone installs with no glue south of the solenoids. Yes fine examples of $ 1100.00 city water hook up. BTW the Brass Back Flow preventer is close to $ 300.00 and Dan B is known to actually purchased one several years ago. He uses it on every inspection. Erin At Code Enforcement is a...... well let us just say it is easier to pull a permit on line.

    Just remember the Housing Contractor attitude here in Florida and most of the USA. Plastic Pipes behind the walls and Gold Faucets in front of the wall. Hey if it under ground or behind the walls Screw it use the cheapest crap there is.
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    i want get a license in oklahoma city, been lawn business for four years ,what do i need to do . i was an irrigation tech at a golf course in new mexico
    worked with toro and rainbird, and buckner system.
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    You are in the Florida Forum. I doubt anybody here can give the correct info. Go to Irrigation forum and start a thread. I am sure a fellow Sooner will chime in help. If its anything like Florida it can vary from city and county to being a state contractor license.
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    I thought that is what you said about Texas irrigation! :laugh:
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    I have a question. Can you move to Pensecola and live there for the next 3 years and have this guy "work" under you and get his time in? If so, the system is flawed. Same as the Chemlawn "Pros" who work under someone on their license. The law is flawed, and that fact is plainly obvious.

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