I want my irrigation license!

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by South Florida Lawns, Feb 12, 2011.

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    The laws not flawed in any way or shape. It is designed so people can work with an experience applicator and learn the tricks of the trade. As a general rule you don't see Florida CPO asking the same dumb questions you see other state's CPO asking because they have training. Florida is the bug capital of America and as such we don't want every Tom Dick & Harry applying toxic chemicals without some kind of training

    If in fact the pesticide license in Florida was given away in cracker jack boxes like the rest on the states, Florida CPO's would be low balling price just like the Yankees do. Hello we get $ 15.00 a thousand they are lucky to get $ 5.00 a thousand for the same work.

    Yep you have to work for it, but the reward is a more income for less work than cutting grass. Sorry But the average Yard Boy doesn't have what it takes to get there. Maybe that why they are Yard Boys.

    PS. I have offered to train people and get them a commercial pesticide license, so don't blame me. The same Yard Boys who ***** about the law are the same Yard Boys won't take me up on helping them get a license.

    BTW WHY do I have to move to help you??
  2. Ric

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    While I want to believe you are joking, the more I think about your request for ME TO MOVE TO HELP YOU, the madder I get. It represents the attitude of selfish Yard Boy who expects everything to be handed to him for free. Then you Complain about the Law because it doesn't let you skate by with no effort on your part. How is this not like the people on welfare and food stamp who just slide by on government hand out.
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    seems to me that the test ought to be what makes sure the contractor knows his stuff.

    after all, that IS what tests are for...
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    I thought that too, but evidently that is not the purpose. Give the tests free of charge and after passing the written sections then have the person work on a few systems. This is not brain surgery or rocket science. In the building industry the ultimate judge of workmanship is supposed to be the inspector, so it should not matter who does the work. But we know that licensing is really to limit competition and increase profits. If the tests were too hard many current contractors would be out of business. It is also to bring revenue to government and to the well connected educational industry.

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